Newsletter – May Week 5

We all had a wobble in the house this week. The lockdown cracks developed into full-on fissures. We’d had enough of keeping ourselves occupied with mealtimes and online entertainment. We wanted out. We’ve been going for regular family walks but seeing the same landmarks day in day out had become tiresome. We’re also sick of […]

Reusables and Covid-19

I’ve been able to access some fantastic webinars as a result of the global lockdown. A small win in the grand scheme of things but a win all the same. Most talked about the impact of the pandemic on the circular economy, the sustainable living / zero waste movement, campaigns against the climate crisis and […]

Newsletter – May Week 3

Those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook will recognise this photo. It’s creeping phlox called Candy Stripe that I bought on a birthday outing a few years ago. Every year it flowers at the same time of year reminding me of that lovely day out. Some of my favourite plants in my garden have […]