Newsletter – September Week 3

Had a lovely surprise this week. The lovely Emma Gleeson mentioned me and Living Lightly in Ireland as part of her interview with Jenny Green on 2FM, one of Ireland’s nationwide radio stations. It took a bit of detective work for me to find out that Emma’s mention was the reason for a slew ofContinue reading “Newsletter – September Week 3”

Newsletter – September Week 1

I’ve been so busy gallivanting all over the place this week I forgot to finish this week’s post until now. I have a strong expectation that at least one of my kids’ classes will be sent home for self-isolation in the near future, so I’m trying to get everything important out of the way inContinue reading “Newsletter – September Week 1”

Newsletter – August Week 3

  As Ireland gears up for the return of schools the battle between disposables and reusables rages on. Some school boards and parents seem to be under the misunderstanding that single-use disposables are less likely to get contaminated with Covid-19 than reusable lunch boxes and water bottles. First let me state that I am notContinue reading “Newsletter – August Week 3”

Newsletter – August Week 1

I’m so late to meet up with some friends so no intro this week! Just straight into the meat of sustainable living news. Nothing mentioned in this post has been sponsored. It’s all just my own personal opinion. If you like your bloggers to remain independent then please share this post or support me withContinue reading “Newsletter – August Week 1”

Newsletter – July Week 4

We’re just back from a lovely #staycation in Ireland, and as a result visited some lovely places that I know we’d never have seen had we taken our planned trip to Berlin this July. Just hope Ryanair/ Travel insurance company recognise our community-mindedness and reimburse us the cost of our flights. We were lucky toContinue reading “Newsletter – July Week 4”