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When you ask people what tured them onto sustainable living the answer very often has to do with becoming a parent. There’s something so primeval about wanting to protecting our children from all the world’s ills and nowadays the impending threat of the planet’s demise unfortunately must be counted as one of them.  Therefore it’s not surprising to see how buoyant the organic cotton children’s clothing sector is, both at home and abroad.

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Before I launch into listing all of the brands involved, lets pause for a moment; do you really need to buy new? Charity shops are bursting with good-quality pre-loved garments for children at a fraction of their original cost. There are also more and more resale options including;

And if you need a suit for a communion or wedding you can hire one from most dress suit hire shops.

For the moment my budget doesn’t allow me to limit our clothing to toxin-free organic garments and so the next most sustainable option for us is to wear second-hand clothing as much as possible. When my kids were younger we were lucky to benefit from hand-me-downs from other families, which I would top up their wardrobes with items from local charity shops as I found them.

It was a total godsend, saving us a fortune and lots of shopping time.  Not only is this a planet positive choice, it’s also the least expensive way to cloth my children.  When I was doing this approximately 70% – 80% of my kids wardrobes are made up of pre-loved garments. I appreciate that some parents can be iffy about buying second-hand clothes for their children, but let me allay some of your fears.

If it’s hygiene then you could put a garment in the freezer overnight to kill any nasties, although I’ve been buying second-hand clothes for years now and never had a problem.

If it’s the hassle factor then I suggest limiting yourself to just one shop a week. Trust me as soon as you nab you’re first bargain you’ll be hooked. Or buy from one of the resale companies listed above.

If it’s the shame factor of buying second-hand then I let you in on a little secret. Everyone’s doing it! And why wouldn’t then? You get clothes in excellent condition for pennies, which allows you to spend your hard-earned cash on more enjoyable things.

If you can’t find what you need second hand then here is a list of sustainable ethical kids clothing brands to help you shop new items as sustainably as possible.

What to Look For
Although not all kids clothing under the ethical banner is made from natural fibre, it is a very high percentage. You’ll find that the vas majority of brands listed here have organic cotton as their fibre of choice, but not all organic cotton is the same.  If you’re going to spend the extra money for a premium product you need to ask a few questions to make sure it’s worth it.

  • Is the fibre independently certified as being organically grown? It’s very easy to just label something as organic, I would only trust something certified by an independent organisation like The Soil Association or GOTS.
  • Is just the fibre certified or the entire supply chain certified as organic? With the former just the fabric is certified as organic, with the latter every step along the journey of the fibre becoming a garment has been certified as organic. Obviously the latter is better, but will inevitable cost more.
  • Is the garment made with 100% organic fibre or just blended with it? Remember blended fabrics aren’t currently recyclable as is the case with H&M’s organic range.
  • Has the fibre been processed without the use of toxic chemicals and certified as such, i.e. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified?
  • Has the factory that made the garment a fair and ethical certificate. Certificates in this area include FairwearFairtrade USA or FloCert on behalf of Fairtrade International or they may have gained SA8000 certification for having achieved socially acceptable practices in the workplace. Fair Wear is the only organisation that states it’s a non-profit. As part of my research I learned about a split between Fairtrade USA and FairTrade International, with claims that Fairtrade USA were setting their standards to low.
  • Where is the factory located? You may instinctively think that a European based factory is more sustainable but it may be more sustainable to have a garment made in the same country as the fibre is produced in, as this will save on packing materials and possibly transport emissions. I wouldn’t get too hung up on trying to work out which is more sustainable, just wanted to alert you to the fact that it’s not always obvious.

Sustainable Ethical Clothing Brands


Sugar & Storm make GOTS certified organic cotton clothing In Ireland for kids <8 years of age. Their fabrics are printed with water-based, PH neutral inks using a low-waste method, which they say results in vibrant, long-lasting prints. Their postcards, business cards and swing tags have been made with recycled card. Their mailers are home compostable, carbon negative, waterproof, reusable (dual adhesive strip), and use non toxic water based inks. Their stickers and string are also compostable, as is their tissue paper, which is made from recycled paper and printed with non-toxic, PH-neutral inks.

Fancy Fawn is an Irish brand with clothing for kids <8 years of age, made from GOTS certified organic cotton, Lyocell or from recycled polyester fabric. The clothing is made in America, with production and design decisions done remotely to save on carbon. Also products are shipped using a ‘green’ vessel the emits less greenhouse gas than standard shops. Their packaging is all biodegradable.

Slugs and Snails is an Irish company making tights and clothes for kids <6 years of age solely from GOTS certfied organic cotton, They state that they only use yarns and manufacturing processes which are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified.

Fauna Kids (formerly Moobles and Toobles) in Ireland make bodysuits, rompers, leggings and dresses for babies (0-16 months) in GOTS certified organic cotton in a factory in Turkey. They say that employees in the factory are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions and that a lot of the graphics are hand printed in Ireland using Eco-friendly inks. They now also sell natural-dyed, chrome-free, vegetable-tanned leather shoes that have been handmade in the UK.

Little Litto sells neutral coloured organic cotton pyjamas and jumpsuits for babies up to 18months.

Cotton Kids sells a selection of organic cotton clothes for kids <12 years

Baby Gnu makes lovely colourful organic cotton loop scarves for children in Ireland.

Cotton Caterpillars in Cork makes baby and kids clothes <14 years of age from organic fabrics printed with water based inks.

AA McEvoy makes clothing for children >3 in organic cotton and hemp in Ireland.

Simply Organic offer clothing made from organic, undyed and untreated cotton for babies.

Shorebird sells personalised onesies and sweatshirts (up to 11 years) in organic cotton, and recycled polyester.

Fresh Cuts offer sweatshirts, hoodies, and tracksuit bottoms in GOTs Certified organic cotton

Zizo in Waterford sells joggers, tshirts and hoodies for kids <14, made in a Fairwear factory from organic cotton and recycled plastic marine waste, which they print with toxin-free water based inks. They also donate to an environmental charity with every purchase.

Banana Berry makes colourful sweatshirts and tops for kids <10 in GOTS organic cotton in a BCSI certified factory in Portugal. You can buy from their website or in Arnotts department store in Dublin 1.

British brand Jojo Maman Bebe have some clothing made from waste clothing and recycled plastic bottles. They say they are a company that value diversity and employ staff with disabilities. Every year they collage gift packs of their preloved clothing for UK and Syrian- based charities. They also have an in-house charity, Nema Foundation, which works to reduce child poverty in rural Africa. They have stores in Dublin, Cork and Belfast.

The only clothing brand for men, women, babies and kids <14 years of age that didn’t exclusively use organic cotton is Patagonia, who in addition to organic cotton also offer clothing made from recycled soda bottles. All of which are printed with PVC- and phthalate-free inks. Their fleece garments are Fairtrade certified and they state that they work with factories and mills to ensure ethical work-practices, good working conditions and processes that are less harmful to the environment. The company also gives 1% of their sales to support environmental organizations around the world and they offer a repair service in the US and have teamed up with iFixit to create care and repair guides so customers can repair themselves.

Outdoor clothing brand Columbia has a ‘Outgrown Extend System‘ which has upturned sleeves and legs that you can let down as your kids grow.

The following are Irish online retailers of organic kids clothing from various brands

  • Siolog (Ireland<3) sells these brands and they’ve also started to buy back clothing from their customers to resell!!!
  • Kotoneco (Ireland) stocks brands Duns Sweden, JNY, Froy and Dind, Nadadelazos, Modeerska Huset, Albababy and Smafolk Denmark. The owner of this company also runs the Facebook group Preloved Organic Kids Clothing Ireland
  • Rainbow Kids (Ireland <10 years) sells brands including  Maxomorra, Toby Tiger, Hatley, Little Green Radicals, Pigeon Organics, Alba, Livie and Luca, amongst others.
  • The Mermaids Purse (Ireland <8 years) sells brands Maxomorra, Moromini, Duns of Sweden, Forever is a Second and Slugs and Snails. They also sell pre-loved organic clothes.
  • The Green Rainbow (Ireland <12 years) sells Forever is on Second, Moromini, Naperonuttu, Slugs and Snails, Raspberry Republic, Duns Sweden, JNY and Maxomorra.
  • The Cotton Drawer (Ireland <8 years) sells JNY, Pigeon Organics and Smafolk,
  • Bumble Lane (Ireland, baby) sell brands JNY, Pigeon, Moobles and Toobles, and Smafolk.
  • Clara & Carl (Ireland <3) sell brands Disano, Engel, Fred’s World, FUB, Joha, Little Green Radicles, Loud and Proud, Pickapoo, Pigeon, Serendipity Organics.
  • Little Barn (Ireland <7 years) stocks Little Hedonist, iglo + indi, I dig denim, Little Man Happy and Loudly DK.
  • The Cotton Shops (Ireland <2 years) stocks clothing from Frugi, Kite Kids and Green Baby.
  • Snuggle Fox (Ireland <11 years) stocks the brands loud+proud, DUNS Sweden, More than a FLING, Kite, Maxomorra, Piccalilly, Blade & Rose, Lanka Kade, Holztiger, HABA.
  • Baby Grow (Ireland <10 years) stock Maxomorra, Duns Sweden, Zippy, Pigeon Organics, More than a Fling, Mori, Elephant and Mouse, and bibs from Runa Baby.
  • Hopscotch Kids (Ireland<12 years) stock clothing by Name It, some of which are made from organic cotton
  • Oh By Gum (Ireland <9) sells clothing for kids by Frugi and Kite.
  • Mira Mira (Ireland <11) sell clothes by Mini Rodini
  • Kidhood (Ireland < 11) sells some clothes made from GOTS organic cotton

The following high-street stores sell some kids clothing in recycled or organic fabric; ArnottsMango, Cos, Marks and Spencer and Name It

Although no longer in Ireland The Gap does ship to Ireland and sells organic cotton clothing, including pyjamas, for kids <15 years


La Queue du Chat is a French based children’s clothing brand offering certified organic cotton clothing for babies and kids for kids  <10 years of age made in a certified factory in Umergam, Gujarat, India, a coastal town located some 150 km north of Mumbai. The whole production chain is certified FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organizations) and the Factory is certified SA8000 for social accountability. The company is also subsidising the rent of an orphanage in the locality of the factory and in France, they send baby & children clothes to charities that provide essential assistance to homeless mothers annually.

French brand Peau Ethique make pyjamas and socks for kids <12 from GOTS certified organic cotton in a factory in India that is SA8000 standard for fair working conditions. Their garments also comply with REACH regulations and are free of formaldehyde, azo dyes and aromatic solvents. UK based By Nature is is a stockist of theirs along with Do you Green (see above) and German company Living Crafts (see above).

Poudre Organic offer clothing for babies and children <10 years, made in Portugal, from organic cotton.

Kadolis is a French company that has some organic cotton sleepwear for babies.

La Redoute is a French company offering a range of baby clothes some of which are organic. They don’t have a great filter option so you’ll just have to search for organic and then click on the category that best suits your needs.


Greek brand Kanula sells organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies and donates for adults and kids <12years with 8% of each sale to a local sea turtle charity. They also aim to be as plastic-free as possible.


Monkind make organic clothing for women, babies and children <8 years of age in factories in Portugal that have either already met the requirements to be certified under the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), or are actively working towards this certification. They state that the bags that they pack finished items in are 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable. The company also only uses electricity created from renewable energy sources and recycled paper in the office. They also ship all of their items from either our warehouse located close to their production in Portugal or their warehouse in the Netherlands, whichever is closest to the customer. Interestingly they explain that they don’t do free returns and explain that often free returns result in lots of perfectly good clothing being destroyed because large retailers don’t want to invest the time or money in processing them.

Armed Angels is a German brand making ethical fairtrade clothing for men, women and children <8 years of age using only sustainable materials such as organic cotton, organic linen, organic wool, recycled polyester, Lenzing Modal® and Tencel®. They have been GOTS certified since 2011 and work with Fairtrade and Fair Wear Foundation to ensure they are working to ethical standards.

Living Crafts is a German fair and certified organic clothing brand for men, women, babies and children <12 years of age from organic cotton, organic wool, organic linen or silk. Their organic textiles and are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) along the entire manufacturing chain. They say that they also pay attention to the working conditions of the producers and to fair trade and the company is an official member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Thokk Thokk is a German brand offering casual clothing for men, women and children <14 years of age made from organic cotton, sometimes blended with synthetic fibres. They have a Fairtrade Licence for its basic shirts and is certified as being organic by GOTS. They also offer free shipping.

Another German brand Sense Organics make Fairtrade and GOTS certified organic clothing for babies and kids <8 years of age.

German company Loud + Proud make clothes for <7 from GOTS certified organic cotton, which has been grown and harvested in Turkey in factories in Portugal, Hungary and Germany.

Blutsgeschwister in Germany makes clothing for kids <10 from organic cotton, close-loop viscose and recycled polyester in Fairwear accredited factories. They’ve been a member of the Fairwear Foundation since 2013 and reached the top standard for fairness in 2016.

Tranquillo makes dressed and leggings for kids <11 in organic cotton blended with recycled polyester, spandex and elastane,

Wooly Organic use 100% organic cotton from Turkey to make clothing for babies in Latvia. They also use only trusted European manufacturers in order to stay as local as possible from thread to packaging. Their packaging is also mostly card.

Infantium Victoria in Germany specialises in high-end certified organic cotton and certified vegan clothing for kids <16 years of age. The material, components, supplier and hours paid, is listed for every product on the website. They use factories that they feel are sustainable in Portugal, Spain, Germany and India. They also have a preloved section.


Nadadelazos based in Spain offers a wide range of clothing for babies and kids <10 years of age,  some of which are made from GOTS certified organic cotton. They also spend a percentage of their profits environmental non-profits and charities.

Osokoa make fashion-forward clothing for kids 4-12 in Barcelona from organic cotton, sometimes blended with elastane.

Wituka offer organic cotton t-shirts for kids <14 with cool graphics printed on them. They plant a tree for every t-shirt sold. They also sell a range of well-priced adult sweatshirts in organic cotton in XS, which might suit older kids.

Bob & Oli provide some of their clothing in organic cotton, recycled polyester for kids <14 including pyjamas. They rehome second-hand clothes from their instore clothes bins through a textile reuse cooperative.


Maxomorra are a Swedish brand of clothing for babies and kids <10 years of age and have been a GOTS certified brand since 2012, meaning that they only use organic cotton or recycled fibres, harmless chemicals and provide safe and good working conditions in our factory and traceability throughout the entire value chain. They don’t sell directly to the public but you can buy through retailers listed below.

Morromini are based in Sweden and provide organic cotton clothing for women, babies and kids <8 years of age made in Tirupur, India. Their entire production is certified by GOTS.

Duns Sweden makes it’s GOTS certified organic cotton clothing for women, babies and children <14 years of age, in India.

Another Swedish organic cotton clothing brand is JNY  for babies and kids <8 years of age. They organic cotton they use is certified by GOTS and OEKO -TEX.

Mini Rodini in Sweden make kids clothing from Fairtrade organic cotton, Model, Tencel and recycled fabric. All of their garments comply with the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 for harmful substances, the organic fabric they use is GOTS certified, their blended fabric is OCS certified, their recycled fabric is GRS certified and their wood based fibre is FSC certified. They say they’re committed to pay staff in their factories a living wage by 2021. They publish a report on their sustainability efforts every year.

Houdini in Sweden make activewear have a few garments for kids made from natural and recycled fabric, which they cover with a lifetime guarantee and take back at the end of their life. Most of their production takes place in Europe using fabrics from Taiwan, Italy and Japan. The company lists their suppliers and factories on their website. The make garments for babies right up to <14 years of age.


Froy and Dind in Belgium only use sustainable materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, tencel and recycled PES to make their clothing for men, women, babies and kids <14 years of age. Most of their organic cotton is GOTS certified and all their clothing is produced in Turkey and Portugal. They don’t sell directly to the public but you can buy their garments through the online retailer Lillefant.

The Extra Smile in Belgium use GOTS-certified organic fabrics and upcycled materials, and avoid polyester and plastic in their long-lasting garments for kids <8 years of age, which are made in small Fair Wear factories in Cambodia. They also use long lasting fixtures and reusable or compostable packaging. You can buy some of their items from Irish retailer Reuzi

Trixie Baby have a few items for babies and kids <8 years in organic cotton.


Danish based Danefae have quite a bit of clothing made from organic clothing for kids <12 years of age.

Alba of Denmark is a kids clothing brands providing certified organic clothing for babies and kids <12 years of age, sometimes blended with other fibres like polyester. They state that the factories they use are run fairly and provide information on the standards achieved by the factories they use here.

Smalfolk in Denmark offers clothing for babies and <12 years of age made with organic cotton, blended with other fibres. They state that they use organic cotton and that most of their garments are OEKO – TEX certified but there is no sign of independent certification the organic cotton they use.

Another Danish brand Serendipity Organics creates clothing for women, babies and kids <11 years of age from GOTS certified organic cotton and alpaca wool. Apart from one garment the manufacture of their products is also fully GOTS certified. This means the entire production process from cotton growth and spinning to finished production live up to the standards set forward in Global Organic Textile Standards. Furthermore, all cotton garments are Fair Trade certified (SA 8000) and their cotton suppliers are also Flo-Cert certified. Although not certified as organic the alpaca wool they use comes from baby alpaca’s raised in the Andes in Bolivia. All buttons are made from either seashell, coconut or taugua nut and their zippers and poppers are nickel free and YKK approved. Their garments are made where their organic cotton is grown thus avoiding excess transportation. Also their alpaca and ilama wool is spun by small groups of women by hand in cottage industries in Bolivia.

Danish brand FUB use only OEKO-TEX® certified non-mulesed merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton, dyed using dyes that are metal free to make clothing for children <10 and adults. Also for the past 10 years their production has been limited to orders only, meaning less waste.

Konges Sloejd in Denmark has a few organic cotton pieces for babies and children <8 years of age. Unfortunately their search option isn’t great and you’ll just have to trawl through all the results for the organic search.


Finnish brand Pure Waste make some garments for kids <4y from recycled cotton and recycled polyester in a wind powered factory in India . They use reusable mailers to ship their garments.

The UK

UK based Little Dot to Dot make clothing for kids <4 years of age from certified organic and recycled fabric.

Boy Wonder, run by fashion designing Mum makes garments in the UK for 5-10 year olds from certified organic cotton

We Love Frugi is a UK-based company making clothes for kids <10 years of age from organic cotton that has been certified by GOTS and the Soil Association. They donate 1% of their turnover to charity each year.

Toby Tiger is a UK organic clothing brand for babies and kids <6 years of age. No independent certification was visible on their website.

Little Green Radicals is a UK brand of clothing for babies and kids <8 years of age, made from certified Fairtrade organic cotton and free from chlorine bleach, formaldehyde or dangerous dyes. The factory they use is based in India.

Pigeon Organics is based in the UK and creates clothing for babies and kids <8 years of age from organic cotton fairly in factories in India. All but a few items are GOTS certified and their certification covers the whole supply chain, not just the fabric. On their website they list the few items that don’t have certification and why. The electricity the company uses comes from renewable sources and any ‘seconds’ (eg. garments with small printing faults) and end of season stock is donated to charities working with vulnerable babies and children.  They also donate money from the sale of their greeting cards, to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

Picallily in the UK make clothing for babies and kids <4 years of age from GOTS certified organic cotton from a project called Chetna Organic, a fair trade cotton programme with a mission to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers by making their farm systems more sustainable and profitable. The Chetna farmers also own a 10% share in the factory that makes the clothes too. The company says that the workers in it’s factories receive a living wage but no independent verification of this is provided.

Based in the UK Kite Clothing for babies and kids <12 years of age is either made from certified organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles. The clothing made from recycled plastic bottles appears to be certified as not having any harmful chemicals in it, i.e. OEKO – TEK standard.

UK-based Palava make the most delightful ‘storybook’ inspired clothing for women, babies and children <10 years of age out of GOTS certified organic cotton in factories in Turkey, Romania, and Lithuania.

Tatty Bumpkin in the UK sell carbon-neutral clothing, GOTS certified organic cotton and OEKO-TEK certified bamboo clothing, fair trade toys and accessories for kids <10 years of age. The dyes they use are enzyme free. They say that they visit their factories to ensure fair working conditions and that their packaging is recyclable or from recycled materials.

Cambridge baby in the UK sell clothing for men, women, babies and children <12 years of age in organic wool, Merino wool, Alpaca, silk and organic cotton from the following eco clothing brands

Hatley in the UK offer some ranges of GOTS certified organic cotton pyjamas for kids <12 years of age.

Mini Stitches is a London based social enterprise that makes gender neutral clothing for children up to the age of 8 years of age, some of which are made from 100% natural fibre. The enterprise is run by the charity Stitches in Time, a participatory arts organisation, established in 1993. We design and deliver education and community development arts programmes, public commissions and training courses in visual and textile arts.

From Baby with Love in the UK donate all of the profits from the sale of their baby clothes and toys to abandoned children around the world.  Their clothes are made from certified organic cotton and cater for children <2.

MamaOwl in London specialise in natural clothes for children <8, mostly from organic European merino and wool, and organic cotton. They also sell slippers for kids made from felted wool and natural rubber.

Little Leaf Organic in the UK offer GOTS and soil association certified organic cotton clothing for babies and children <2.

Where does it come from sell organic clothing for adults and kids <11 made cotton grown in India and spun and woven by hand by workers in a local co-operative, part of the khadi movement promoted by Gandhi to support traditional skills and empower rural workers, particularly women.  Virtually no carbon is used during production plus they use low water techniques and eco-friendly dyes. Their clothing comes with a number of features to help survive a growth spurt – including button elastic waists, long leg jeans, adjustable straps and dresses that convert to tunic tops.  Most of their clothes are unisex too, so you can pass them on to siblings or friends and because their clothes are so long lasting they facilitate the purchase of preloved garments on their website. They package their orders using recycled tissue and double thickness re-usable posting envelopes. Wherever they do use plastic they’re working to eliminate it. The company is a Fairtrade company and a member of British Association of Fairtrade shops and suppliers, which assesses their sustainable and ethical procedures annually. They work with a fairtrade accredited supplier Moral Fibres for their children’s denim clothing range. The company also collaborate with charities on fundraising initiatives.

UK based Lost Shapes t-shirts and sweatshirts for men, women, teenagers and children are made from organic cotton, recycled fibre made from plastic bottles, organic cotton waste, or Tencel lyocell in Fair Wear certified manufacturers. They ink used by Lost Shapes does not contain CFC’s, HCFC’s, aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile solvents, lead, heavy metals or any toxic chemicals , and is suitable for vegans. And as they do not use photo emulsions for their screens they are also able to do away with the need for solvents in the cleaning process. They also provide plastic free packaging, all of which is recyclable, and most recycled.

Insane in the Rain in the UK make rain resistant jackets from recycled plastic for men, women and children <10 years of age. The recycled plastic fabric they use is called RPET, which stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET.

The Pangaia make t-shirts, sweatpants / track pants, sweatshirts and hoodies in a wide range of colours from organic and recycled cotton, using dying technology that saves water and ensures no toxins are discharged. Some of the dyes they are from food waste, plants, fruits and vegetables.They also plant one mangrove tree for every order and use biodegradable packaging. Their garments are for children 3-12 years of age.

Tommy & Lottie make unisex clothing for babies, children <14 years and adults from vertically produced Oeko-Tex® certified (toxin-free) cotton. Vertically produced cotton means that the cotton is grown, produced, manufactured in one place and not all over the world helping towards reducing the carbon footprint impact.  The people employed in the factory where their garments are made come from the local community and the company state that they are treated fairly with good working conditions, a fair wage and many other benefits. Some of their garments are made in the UK.

Tutti Frutti Clothing makes colourful non-gendered clothing or kids <6 in organic cotton, in small batches to avoid waste.

Petit Pli is a UK brand offering innovation outfit that grows in size to fit children from 9 months to 4 years. The garment is recycled PET and made in Portugal

The Bright Collection in the UK offer pyjamas in organic cotton made in Portugal for kids <10 years of age.

Jammie Doodles offers pyjamas made from organic cotton for kids 0-12. They also sell adult sizes too

Kidly have a few items made from organic clothing for <5 years of age. They have an Irish website but it looks like goods are shipped from the UK.

Global brand, Childrens Salon, with a UK base, now sells a range of GOTS certified organic cotton baby wear for babies up to 18 months.

Traidcraft in the UK stock a cute pair of kids organic cotton pyjamas for kids <7 years of age.

The following are UK online retailers of organic kids clothing from various brands

  • Oxfam (UK) have a website where you can buy children’s clothing that has been donated to them.
  • The Ethical Market (UK <10 years) is an online retailer for sustainable ethical crafters. Good spot for something unique.
  • Bapipur (UK <8 years) sell Frugi, Maxomorra, Picalilly, DUNS of Sweden, Kite and JNY
  • Boobalou (UK <7 years) sells a few items from Maxomorra and DUNS of Sweden.
  • Funky Monkey (UK <2 years) sells clothing from Blade and Rose, JNY, Frugy, Kite, Maxomorra, Picalilly
  • The Natural Store (UK <8 years) sells Picalilly, Supernatural Kids, Tatty Bumpkin, Kite and Red Urchin
  • Yes bebe (UK <8 years) stock Kite, DUNS Sweden, JNY, Little Green Radicals, The Little Green Sheep, Maxomorra, Picalilly, Slugs and Snails, Smafolk, Toby Tiger, Polly Pony
  • The Natural Collection , Spirit of NatureThe Ethical Superstore  (UK <11 years) sell Frugi, Fableists, Kite, Marzipants, Pigeon Organic, Rider and Sense Organics.
  • Tilly and Jasper (UK) stock Frugi, Little Green Radicals, Maxomorra, Alba of Denmark, Toby Tiger, Kite, Picalilly, Pigeon Organics, Milk Barn, Suindiatic, Baby and Boo, Bambu, Harry & Rose,

Grech & Co is a Danish / American brand making glasses from recycled plastic for children, along with a few organic cotton accessories and natural rubber boots.

Till next time


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