Sustainable Ethical Slippers 2022

sustainable ethical slippers

I need to buy some slippers and so you’re getting an article about slippers! That’s kinda how this website evolves. They seem to fall into two camps, wool felt ones and recycled plastic ones. I found quite a few makers of the wool felt ones but limited this list to those that seems to be offering a bit more in terms of ethics or sustainability. I generally use looser criteria for Irish companies if there isn’t much choice. I figure supporting an Irish brand at the start of the journey to sustainability might help them move towards it.

I’ve gone in order of pricing, except for Irish brands, which I’ve listed at the top. Also worth noting that unless I specifically mention washability the slippers are not machine or hand washable.

Nothing mentioned in this article has been sponsored. It’s all just my own personal opinion.

wool felt slippers

Irish brand Sheepwool Insulation sell 100% natural wool slippers,although the place of manufacture or source of wool is not mentioned on the website. You buy directly from the company’s website or from My eco-hub. €15

handcrafted felt slippers

Aiga Tone in Galway handcrafts felt slippers from Irish sheep and alpaca wool with a leather sole. €85

Austrian style wool slippers

Weststrand by Nina handcrafts Austrian-style slippers in Co Sligo. The slippers are made from wool, cotton with a wool felt sole coated in natural rubber. €85

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  1. I can’t see your Allbirds post but I got a pair too! Someone gave me a gift certificate for Christmas. Do you like them?

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