Second-hand Stores in Ireland 2022

One of the simplest ways to be live more sustainably is to buy second-life goods instead of new. Not only does it save you money, it also reduce the amount of waste we generate it also saves resources that would go into making new items. A veritable win, win, win. We all know that charityContinue reading “Second-hand Stores in Ireland 2022”

Sustainable Ethical Toys 2023

Toys generate a huge amount of waste in the world and in my experience it’s the hardest area to reign in, particularly if the horse has already bolted. Like most kids in the overdeveloped world mine have too many toys. This wasn’t done intentionally but they just seemed to pile up after birthdays and ChristmasesContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Toys 2023”

Re-homing Stuff Online 2022

I went through a massive decluttered a couple of years ago and has such trouble trying to rehoming everything sustainably. This totally changed my outlook on what I allow into the house now. If it’s not something I will keep for a long time or can rehome easily in the future I just don’t letContinue reading “Re-homing Stuff Online 2022”

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