Growing Fruit & Veg: Planting Out Seedlings & Seeds 2022

You’ll know your seedlings are ready to plant out once they’ve developed a few ‘true leaves’, i.e. recognisable leaves of the plant, and a firm stem, but it’s important to wait until the soil is warm enough too, which according to Monty Don of Gardeners’ World is when it doesn’t feel cold to the touch.Continue reading “Growing Fruit & Veg: Planting Out Seedlings & Seeds 2022”

Self-Sufficiency and Jam

Maybe it was that quirky TV sitcom from the seventies; The Good Life, that led to my hankering for a life of self-sufficiency. It’s a hankering that’s existed for the longest while and one I feed frequently with articles about growing your own fruit and veg, preserving it through the winter and stocking your ownContinue reading “Self-Sufficiency and Jam”

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