Growing Fruit and Veg; Design & Layout 2022

I appreciate that I have really put the cart before the horse with this article. I really should have published this before I wrote my other articles on growing veg but this happens when you write articles that follow life rather than ones that are planned and executed like a professional magazine. So if IContinue reading “Growing Fruit and Veg; Design & Layout 2022”

Garden Sustainably

Wildlife Friendly Gardening Grow Wildflowers for Pollinators Garden Efficiently without Chemicals Guide to Composters and Composting Grow Fruit & Veg: Designing the Garden Growing Fruit & Veg: Raising seedlings, Growing Fruit & Veg: Planting Seedlings Outdoors Growing Fruit & Veg: Feeding and Watering Choose & Install a Rainwater Butt Creating an Ornamental Garden: Selecting PlantsContinue reading “Garden Sustainably”

sustainable living guide

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Newsletter April 2020 Week 1

Groundhog Day! Again! I heard a lovely phrase today, ‘I’m not stuck indoors, I’m safe indoors’. Thought it was a nice way of reframing what’s happening at the moment. You know all of this will pass eventually and when it does we’ll struggle to remember what this time felt like. Our minds do an excellentContinue reading “Newsletter April 2020 Week 1”

Natural Insect Repellents

It’s summer! And as the temperatures creep up we’re all living outdoors more, which means we’re all spending more time with lots of mini-beasties. I have a live and let live approach to most insects in my life. I’m happy to share my living space with them, after all I’m the one invading their worldContinue reading “Natural Insect Repellents”