Sustainable Business; Reusable Containers

I had intended to publish a series of sustainable business articles just as the Coronavirus hit, but felt it would be insensitive when so businesses are struggling to hold on. Now that we have a roadmap for emerging out of lockdown I’ve taken the view that it’s okay to start talking about the future inContinue reading “Sustainable Business; Reusable Containers”

Newsletter April 2020 Week 5

I am still ear-deep in college work at the moment so it completely slipped my mind to schedule this for publication this morning, but as this lockdown drags on brunch time is probably better than breakfast time for most. It’s heartening to hear conversations about what might constitute a ‘new’ normal when we come outContinue reading “Newsletter April 2020 Week 5”

Newsletter April 2020 Week 1

Groundhog Day! Again! I heard a lovely phrase today, ‘I’m not stuck indoors, I’m safe indoors’. Thought it was a nice way of reframing what’s happening at the moment. You know all of this will pass eventually and when it does we’ll struggle to remember what this time felt like. Our minds do an excellentContinue reading “Newsletter April 2020 Week 1”