Newsletter – April Week 5

I was supposed to take this week off, but i spent every day updating this website; adding in new companies, deleted ones that had closed :-(, fixing broken links, improving it’s searchability and drafting future articles. For a hobby it takes up a huge amount of time, but I don’t begrudge it. It’s like myContinue reading “Newsletter – April Week 5”

Newsletter – April Week 3

Gosh, what a busy two weeks. I’ve given 4 talks, attended 3 webinars, multiple meetings of the a Circular Economy Working Group I’m in and hosted a meet up of patrons of the website. Not to mention all the other stuff like; phonecalls, emails, podcasts, academic journals, website updates, gardening, housework, parenting and on andContinue reading “Newsletter – April Week 3”

Newsletter – March Week 1

Another hectic weeks. I’m up to my oxters in new business opportunities. What a wonderful complaint. Seems like humans are waking up along with the cherry blossom. I’ve had enquiries about talks, podcasts, training and consultancy. Sustainability is hot, hot, hot at the moment and people are keen to learn more and do more. MusicContinue reading “Newsletter – March Week 1”