Sustainable Ethical Yarn – Update 4th June May 2020

You still out there? I sure hope so. Sometimes I think the world beyond my front gate has disappeared and that I’m oblivious to it all. Wouldn’t be hard with my nose in a laptop 24 hours a day at the moment. I’m on it so much now that I’ve started to suffer shoulder and […]

Easy Low-Waste Easter Crafts

It’s been ages since I’ve written a crafting blog post. Mostly because, despite plans to the contrary, my schedule hasn’t really allowed for much creativity of late. This post may seem frivolous to some and it kinda is, but that’s my intention. Some of the sustainable living blogs I follow can be quite depressing, not […]

Handmade Toys & Gifts

Halloween is over so I’m feeling kinda safe about writing a Christmas post now. It may seem weeks off (7 and a bit to be exact) but if you’re hoping to make a few gifts this year you’ll need to get your skates on.  I don’t buy gifts for anyone outside of my immediate family […]