20 of the Best Sustainable Ethical Swimwear Brands for Women (2021)

Buying a new a swimsuit or bikini can be a chore of a job, especially if you looking for sustainable ethical swimwear.  Thankfully we’ve saved you hours of research and listed some of the top brands of eco friendly bathing suits and ethical bikinis in the UK and Europe. The article is divided into twoContinue reading “20 of the Best Sustainable Ethical Swimwear Brands for Women (2021)”

Sustainable Ethical Nightwear 2021

Considering that we spend approximately 1/3 of our day in our pjs (I wish) it makes sense to me that they should be considered carefully. I have a thing for pjs. No matter how bad the day nothing beats a shower, followed by clean comfortable pjs and fresh bed linen. Everything just seems so muchContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Nightwear 2021”

Sustainable Ethical Yoga, Active & Leisure Wear 2021

This is another blog entry under the theme of ethical sustainable clothing brands, this time in the realm of yoga, active and leisure wear. It seems that most of the clothing from companies featured here are a combination of bamboo, cotton – some organic, wool, silk and recycled synthetics. I’m very conflicted about the sustainability ofContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Yoga, Active & Leisure Wear 2021”

35 Sustainable Ethical Underwear Brands in Europe 2021

So guilt-free undies, do they exist? Are they hideous? Are they expensive? Well firstly I’m happy to report that they do exist and they’re not at all hideous (well most of them) and you seem to be able to get them for the same price as an average good-quality bra, which is very encouraging. AsContinue reading “35 Sustainable Ethical Underwear Brands in Europe 2021”

50 Sustainable Ethical Clothing Brands in Europe 2021

We all know that the fashion industry generates a huge amount of waste and pollution, with a recent report citing fashion as the 4th most polluting industry in the world. Being keen to try before I buy I continually scour charity shops for clothes but for some reason I never seem to find anything IContinue reading “50 Sustainable Ethical Clothing Brands in Europe 2021”