Healthy Materialism

Materialism gets a bad rap in our overdeveloped world and often the criticism is warranted. When we typically use the term materialistic we’re referring to individuals that prioritise the pursuit of material goods over all else, like an alcoholic and their next drink. At its core, materialism is about the valuing of goods, and forContinue reading “Healthy Materialism”

I’m not mean, I’m green!

This blog post was born after I was called ‘tight’ (Irish slang for mean with money) in a Freecycle group for asking for something inexpensive.  The rude commentator expressed amazement at my request for an item that could be bought for €5 in a shop. I explained that I only needed the item for 2Continue reading “I’m not mean, I’m green!”

10 Sexy Sustainable Lingerie Brands

I have posted a list of sustainable ethical underwear brands before but I kept some special ones for a specifically sexy post. I’ll be honest it’s been a long time since I bought some fancy knickers – another side effect of parenting they don’t warn you about! If you feels it’s time to indulge yourContinue reading “10 Sexy Sustainable Lingerie Brands”

Sustainable Ethical Bag Brands

Realistically each of us only need a very small selection of bags to get us through life so this post isn’t intended to have you lusting after a new bag just because. It meant to help you find a sustainable ethical bag to suit your needs and within your budget, which will serve you wellContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Bag Brands”