Using Soapnuts to Wash Clothes – the verdict

When we started on our low-waste journey we tried washing our clothes with soapnuts for about a year. I love the idea of cleaning with something that was 100% natural, that was compostable at the end-of-life. But as is often the case with eco-switches our enthusiasm faded over time. Read on to find out whyContinue reading “Using Soapnuts to Wash Clothes – the verdict”

What to recycle / donate where in 2022

I am passionate about rehoming items I no longer need and although a lot of items can be dropped into them, local recycling centre and charity shops are not always the best fist stop for donating or recycling. I prefer to get items into the hands of places that specialise in a particular item, thatContinue reading “What to recycle / donate where in 2022”