Best Sustainable Ethical Outdoor Clothing & Gear for 2022

Whether it’s climbing, hiking or skiing, more and more of us are buying into the benefits of outdoor living. To enjoy these new pastimes fully it helps to have the right outdoor clothing and gear. In Ireland we seem to be particularly bad at investing in good quality, outdoor clothing. I personally remember many aContinue reading “Best Sustainable Ethical Outdoor Clothing & Gear for 2022”

Where to buy Second-Life Clothes in Ireland 2022

We all know that the fashion industry generates a huge amount of waste and pollution, with a report in 2018 citing fashion as the 4th most polluting industry in the world. What makes that statistic worse – as if that’s possible – is that every second a bin lorry’s worth of clothes are landfilled orContinue reading “Where to buy Second-Life Clothes in Ireland 2022”

Sustainable Ethical Slippers 2023

I need to buy some slippers and so you’re getting an article about slippers! That’s kinda how this website evolves. They seem to fall into two camps, wool felt ones and recycled plastic ones. I found quite a few makers of the wool felt ones but limited this list to those that seems to beContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Slippers 2023”

Sustainable Ethical Socks 2023

The list below is edited selection of all the companies I’ve come across over the years and found while researching this article. I left out companies that don’t have Europe based retailers or etailers. I’ve also omitted providers of bamboo fibre socks, except for one; Boody. You can read exactly why I don’t rate bambooContinue reading “Sustainable Ethical Socks 2023”

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