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Happiness is matter of perspective, which I think this quote about the climate crisis exemplifies perfectly.

“I’m optimistic for the future because we haven’t even tried yet”

What a great way to interpret the depressing news that even with the new pledges made at COP26, it is now clear the world is still on a trajectory for temperature rises of between 2.4°C and 2.7°C.

Unfortunately I can’t remember where I heard the quote to credit the owner of this clever mind. If you do, please let me know.

If you want to hear about those actually trying to reduce global temps read on …..

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Wildlife Friendly Gardening

A lovely Irish guide on creating an Autumn garden to support biodiversity

Peat made up less than 30% of compost sold to gardeners in the UK in 2021

Allotme is being billed that ‘Airbnb for gardens’. Most listing are for the UK, but I found one in Ireland!

Pesticide use in France has now been banned from private gardens, hotels, campsites, theme parks, healthcare establishments, sports facilities, and cemeteries.

A lovely article by Mullingar Shamrocks GAA Club on how they have made positive changes for the betterment of local wildlife.

And another supporting local biodiversity on church grounds from Whitechurch Parish in Rathfarnham.

Some short videos on how to save seeds and a lovely video on the work of the Irish not-for-profit Seed Savers

Listen to a podcast about the only certified organic ornamental plant nursery in Ireland

Sustainable Schools

Start the academic year on the right foot with my guide to sustainable school & college supplies

Low Carbon Transport

Numerous European countries are experimenting with free public transport, including Spain, Germany, Estonia, and Luxembourg with countries like Ireland, Italy and Austria reducing fares or introducing vouchers for lower-income workers.

Making wind powered transportation by sea a reality

Ethical Clothing

Great article on the need for a living wage in the garment industry on the RTE website

Plus a petition you can sign to make it a reality

Planet Positive Food Choices

Meat consumption has fallen by 12% in Germany in the last decade, from 63 kg per person in 2011, to 55 kg today.

M&S has removed all ‘best before’ dates from more than 300 fruit and vegetable products in a bid to reduce food waste

Interesting article on the carbon footprints of various food types

Protecting Biodiversity on Land

The US government has pledged to plant one billion trees over the next decade.

Nepal have announced that tiger numbers have more than doubled in a bit more than a decade.

Colombia has launched a $245-million initiative to support the creation, expansion, and improvement of 32 million hectares of protected areas in the next decade.

The Native Woodland Trust is able to quadruple the size of it’s nature reserve in Co Westmeath

Ulster Wildlife have doubled the size of their Slievenacloy Nature Reserve, making it as big as 480 football fields!

38,052 acres of private timberlands in Montana have become part of the Lost Trail Conservation Area

76 Indigenous tribes across 20 US states have manage to increase the bison population from below 1,000 in the 1900s to more than 20,000 bison today

Over the past 20 years global tree cover has increased by 130.9 million hectares – an area larger than Peru. 36 countries are now gaining more trees than they’re losing, including Ireland, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

Sussex farmers plan to rewild a nature-rich green corridor to the sea

€75,000 is granted to an Irish midlands bog restoration project

Protecting our Oceans

Non-profit organisation The Ocean Cleanup has removed more than 100,000 kg of plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Seaclear are using robots to clean the ocean floor of plastic waste

Reducing Carbon Emissions

In response to climate change, the huge hub airport Schiphol in the Netherlands will cut the number of flights it operates from next year

Interested to know the carbon footprint of your social media habit? Here it is  with a further analysis by Brightly Eco

Soot from rockets has 500 times the climate impact as soot from airplanes

Energy Conservation

Spain brings in new energy-conserving air conditioning rules

And French shops ordered to close front doors when using air conditioning

The Romanian government has published an emergency law to phase out coal by 2030, which is expected to be approved within a month

Gaming for Climate Change

Skewb is a minecraft based game that teaches about climate change

Fossil Fuel Free Finance

35 faith institutions in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, the UK and the US announced they were divesting from fossil fuels

Also 1.7 million United Presbyterians had voted to divest from the five big oil companies.

Eco Activism

Ministers in Southern US states are working to change minds about the climate crisis

Sustainable Consumption

RepairActs are collecting 1000 stories of repair across Ireland.

My Waste’s upcycle challenge is back for 2022.

85 million cubic metres of air are shipped to UK homes each year due to over-packaging, leading to 6,000 tonnes of potentially avoidable CO2.

Eco Events

Fleadh Cheoil 2022 to host Ireland’s first sustainable and circular campsite

Sustainable Agriculture

Frustrated at the absence of a sustainable source of palm oil US company Dr Bonner creates it’s own

The EU has banned the imports of crops using two bee-killing, neonicotinoid pesticides


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