Newsletter – January 2022

Green News

Our family is trying to decide whether to replace our 2012 electric car and it’s a right pain in the butt. I love our current car but over the years the range has dropped dramatically and in winter when the heat is on it’s really only good for school runs.

So we’re knee deep in spreadsheets comparing the cost of

  • installing a new battery,
  • upgrading to a second-hand Leaf (the model we currently have),
  • upgrading to a EV with a longer range,
  • buying a second fossil-fuel car for long journeys
  • reverting to our main car being a fossil-fuel car

My head is spinning, but it’s a big decision, so it’s worth doing our homework. I’ll let you know what we decide.

One good outcome for the exercise was discovering that, thanks to lower fuel and maintenance costs, our current EV has paid for itself over the 6 years that we’ve owned it.

Anyway, enough talk of adult admin, here’s this month’s positive eco news …….

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Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

According to one energy expert Ireland’s total offshore wind resource is enough to comfortably power the country’s electricity needs 

Did you know that costumes from Sex and the City are thrifted?

California grocery stores must now donate all edible food under new “composting” law

Irish study finds that unmowed lawns attract just as many insects as wildflower meadows

Car adverts in France will have to recommend less-polluting forms of transport such as cycling under new rules

Recycled Christmas trees find a second life as protection for the fragile coastline in New Orleans

Lego has announced that its first carbon neutral factory will open in Vietnam in 2024

Ed Sheeran to rewild as much of the UK as he can

How to spot an unethical fashion brand

Irish courts see 50 cases against illegal hedge cutting during the bird nesting season.

Rifó is an Italian clothing company offering clothing made in Italy from recycled clothing!!!!

Have you ever thought about what clutter robs you of?

Endangered red kite successfully released to nature reserve in Meath 

Fossil fuel plant in the US reopens as a bitcoin mining operation!

If Antarctica’s ‘doomsday’ glacier collapses it could trigger global floods and swallow islands (my one negative item of the month!)

And now or something nice and relaxing; the sound of a restored coral reef

Analysis suggest providing free green electricity and transport would reduce carbon emissions better than returning revenues to the public in the form of cash rebates

New Zealand, Canada and Switzerland have reached peak meat and are now starting to see a decline

Irish podcast Féasta discusses the looming cloud of digital waste and what we can do about it

Why made-to-order clothing is sustainable

A great article on stepping off the consumption treadmill and creating the life you want

Lots of great zero waste craft videos on this Irish Youtube channel

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Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

4 thoughts on “Newsletter – January 2022

  1. Well done Elaine?
    Some really interesting facts.
    Good luck with the car challenge .
    I had my 2002 Red Honda Jazzz and planned to give it to my son on his 18th but in 2019 crashed into a wall.
    Thankfully I was spared serious physical energy but very traumatic.
    So just kept the cigarette holder section and popped a scratch card into it.
    Your amazing love reading your tips advise articles
    Have a lovely weekend.


  2. I would recommend an i3 with rex. We recently went from a two car house (one electric and one diesel) to a 2 car electric house (one leaf and one i3 Rex), and then decided to go down to just one. The rex means that for the really long distance journeys we can top up with petrol if we need too, but 95% of the driving is still on the battery which is about 200km pure electric. The Rex only takes 6L of petrol but adds about 100km more to the battery.

    Liked by 1 person

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