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How to Use up Christmas Dinner Leftovers

how to use up xmas leftovers

In an ideal world we would generate no food waste but being imperfect humans this isn’t always the case. I take food waste very personal and get very annoyed when anything that should have been eaten ends up in the brown bin, but it still happens from time to time. Here are some simple ideas to help you minimise your food waste this festive period.

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Finally for anything that won’t freeze or you can’t use up offer it to neighbours or rehome through the Olio app

Recipes to Check Out

Food waste is often easier to avoid than resolve. One way we do this is by not opening boxes of biscuits or chocolates gifted to us. Instead we re-gift them to a local nursing homes for the residents to enjoy.

Have I missed out on anything. Comment below and I’ll do my best to give a solution.


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