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Cop26 is over. So what did it achieve?

Lots and lots of promises.

Promises aren’t inherently good or bad. It really depends on whether they’re kept or not. Unfortunately the track record on promises made at previous COP meetings isn’t great. At COP21 in Paris governments pledge to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees but current policies push us closer to a 3 degree rise and the pledges made at this year’s COP only see us reducing that to 2.4 degrees.

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So as you can see COP26 is no reason to rest on our laurels, in fact, now that there is at least some momentum it’s even more important for us to keep pressurising companies and governments to implement the changes that will actually deliver global warming closer to 1.5 degrees.

I’ll be outlining the outcome of the COP26 negotiations in detail in an article for the female-focused online publication the Rogue Collective. If you value quality articles check it out.

For now lets get on with this month’s sunny sustainable news …….

Temps are due to drop next week so we’re all likely to be keeping our windows closed. If you’re looking for toxin-free ways to keep your house smelling sweet this winter read this article.

Poorer countries may emit more carbon emissions, primarily due to the fact that they make most of the world’s goods, but per capita the wealthier you are the more carbon you emit.

The population of wild Siberian Tigers grown from only 8 big cats in the 1990s to around 60 today.

Clever video on climate change from a dinosaur! My 12 year old loved it

The first School of Sustainable Food and Farming in the UK has officially launched at Shropshire’s Harper Adams University.

In a race between plane and train travel from London to Glasgow competitors arrive two minutes apart. Question is which one won?

Solar camper van travels 1200 miles without having to recharge

Jeff Bezos also added a billion to what some call the most ambitious environmental projects ever attempted.

How cancelling home Wifi can cut your carbon footprint

Sea turtle populations are thriving in Cape Verde, with the number of nests increasing from 10,000 to almost 200,000 in the past six years.

Major Fashion, outdoor wear companies to phase out PFAS

Sézane becomes one of the first French brands to achieve B Corp status

Quebec has decided to put an end to any further fossil fuel extraction

Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in Europe last month, not just the best selling electric vehicle but the best selling car, overall. And Hertz just bought 100,000 of them for its new fleet, the largest electric car order of all time.

For the first time in 60 years, cheetahs have returned to Mozambique, as part of a rewilding project

New bee species arrives in Ireland

Non-profit Atmosfair creates zero carbon aviation fuel

New UK based carbon calculator for food businesses launched

Study finds that CEO’s who lobby for better environmental regulation do so after 1) being personally exposed to climate-related suffering, 2) having been the target of NGO campaigning, or 3) being challenged to engage by other CEOs, non-executive directors, senior political figures, public intellectuals or their own children.

Did you know that the US military doesn’t need to declare it’s carbon emissions and that if it did and was ranked with countries, it would be the 47th largest emitter of Green house gases?

Great new sustainably-minded show launches on TG4. In the series four clothing obsessed fashionistas are challenged to alter their shopping habits, supporting them in reducing, reusing and recycling the contents of their wardrobes.

Love this honest, forthright letter from the scientist behind net zero to student climate strikers?

Nova Scotia is creating the world’s first wild refuge for ex-marine park whales.

New study found that people who are told their plastic bottles are destined to be recycled into clothing are more likely to choose to drink from single-use plastic rather than reusable glass. Sometimes I don’t like to be proven right!

The RHS urges people to switch from Mains to Rains in it’s new water conservation campaign

The City of Milan won The Earthshot Prize for launching city-wide Food Waste Hubs

Cork organic farm restaurant serving hyper-local food wins award

America’s EPA to start regulating PFAs 

Student develops compostable water filter from food waste

Britain’s Royal Mint plans to make bullion out of precious metals extracted from discarded cellphones and laptops.

The Irish Universities Association launches Campus Living Labs in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a project aimed at reducing waste and increasing recycling on IUA University campuses.

Mexico has banned cosmetic testing on animals after Save Ralph, an animated film about a rabbit cosmetic tester, spurred 1.3 million people to petition for new legislation.

Study finds Ireland is well suited to development of ’15 minute’ cities

A fully electric, self-charging, affordable electric car? Yes please!

Brands Cadburys and Cathedral cheese linked to deforestation of the Amazon

Google and Youtube are clamping down on climate mis-information

Panama, Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica just announced the creation of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor, a fishing-free zone covering more than 500,000 km2 in one of the world’s most important migratory routes for turtles, whales, sharks and rays.

Fashion label Coach are caught out on Tik Tok for destroying unsold goods

A great guide to sourcing environmental information from the government in Ireland

Goods labelled recyclable in California must prove that they’re actually being recycled 

New York store Eva Joan will repair and upcycle any garments

Indonesia has restored over 50,000 hectares of mangrove forests in the past two years, from 3.31 million hectares in 2019 to 3.36 million today.

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