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This week I caught sight of a BBC TV show that I used to love. It’s called ‘Shop well for less’ and is basically a consumer show highlighting how much money you can save by swapping to cheaper brands.

The show asks participants to test-drive differently-priced versions of a product and choose their favourite. Surprise, surprise it tends to be the cheapest model that wins out.

In the past I loved this. The idea of getting what I needed for less strongly appealed to my frugal side. Now, I realise just how short-sighted this approach is.

Now I wonder aloud ‘What’s the repair policy on that budget sewing machine?’ ‘How much are the staff making those fake plants paid?’ ‘What are the environmental laws in the country of origin of that alternative sofa?’

Funny, how this change in mindset crept up on me. Sustainable living isn’t just about doing X or buying Y, it’s about considering the wider impact of the everyday decisions we make.

After such musings it’s time for this month’s planet positive news. The wily among you will notice that this has gone from a bi-weekly newsletter to a monthly one. This is simply because there hasn’t been enough good news to fill a newsletter every 2 weeks. Hopefully it’s just a Covid / summer thing, because if it’s just cause there’s less to celebrate … well that’s kinda depressing.

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Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

A brilliantly detailed and informative guide on the how to compost and the benefit to nature

Scotland’s first electric plane begins demo flight

Penguin launches a range of environmental books

IKEA to start selling renewable energy in Sweden

Northern Ireland’s remote Rathlin Island has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030

Met Gala 2021 features a fully Vegan menu

Fabulous free biodiversity-in-your-garden colouring book

How to save seed from wildflowers from your own garden

Depave is an organisation in the US helping communities to revert paved areas back to earth

Pedestrian bridge made from recycled wind turbine blade under construction in Cork

Where to buy ethical plus-size clothing

Selfridge’s pilots second-hand, rental and repair wedding dress services

Galway co-op looking to revitalise market for Irish wool

Online retailer, Amazon, outlines plans to cut product waste after an ITV investigation claimed it destroys millions of items of unsold stock each year.

Great article on how to support sustainable fashion when you’re broke

Restaurant in Navan introduces an edible coffee cup

How to organise a sustainable wedding


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Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

4 thoughts on “Newsletter – August

  1. I know what you mean. In a way there’s no going back.
    Shop well for Less could be an enjoyable show if it featured finds at Thrift stores, or repurposed clothes.
    I’m actually really into finding clothes at thrift stores now – proceeds benefit local animal shelters, etc., and it’s actually fun to stop by now and then and try to find a bargain!


    1. I agree. They did mention second hand, but only once. They could pivot the whole show to be ‘Shop Better’. I have a love hate relationship with charity shops at the moment. When I don’t need anything they’re great but when I do it can be a pain to find stuff.


  2. Hi Elaine,
    I think you tried to send my a private message through Ko-Fi but I didn’t get anything. Would you be able to message me directly with my gmail address? Thanks so much, Marie


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