Newsletter – May week 2

electric bike conversion

No uplifting intro this time round. Had a rough week, on multiple fronts and better to keep this short and sweet than inflict my woes on you lovely people.

Read on for happier eco news

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Make your bike electric by just changing the front wheel

Replacing coal plants with renewables is cheaper 80% of the time 

Travel agents specialising in flight free travel in the UK and Europe

UK supermarket Co-op to make carbon neutral own-brand food by 2025

Tesco to offer favourable finance to suppliers wanting to make sustainable changes to their business

New online game about the political, environmental and social choices humans will face between 2021 and 2100 as we adapt to the ravages of climate change

New painted Volkswagan ads in UK claim to eat smog

Study finds climate change is causing earth’s axis to shift

Irish climate change conference June 23 and 24th 

Free workshop by Kilkenny Volunteer Centre on supporting biodiversity in your community takes place on May 21st

The Irish state spent 2.5 times more on fossil fuel subsidies than climate supports over past decade

Irish town Ballincollig creates pollinator corridor

For every bottle they recycle The Perfume Shop will plant a tree 

Goats to be used to keep down Gorse on Howth hill in order to prevent wild fires 

Hope Reef, the start of the world’s largest coral reef restoration programme, has been unveiled off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Is the concept of Net Zero a dangerous trap that distracts us from real sustainability? (podcast)

A very good analysis of Amazon’s sustainability report

Laundry powder made from carbon emissions goes on sale in China!

You can now buy discounted end-of-line luxury fabrics from luxury brand owner LVMH

Nike gets in on resale market

Application for prizes for new Sustainable Building Concepts now open. Deadline May 31st

Irish brand of vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based hair dye is launched onto the market

Time lapse of our impact on the planet

Mobile repair truck in Catalunya (video)

RTE supports laptop donation scheme for disadvantaged students

Probiotic soap that cleans rivers!

Meat substitute made from jackfruit

Vegan hemp fur

Deadstock shoe resale company starts up in the UK

Reusable washable bin liners

Singapore to build a car-free forest town

€15,000 in funding available from GMIT for innovative startups

The Peruvian government has established the 10,000 km² Yavarí Tapiche Reserve for uncontacted peoples deep in the Amazon rainforest.

Nest counts of green turtles increase by 162% in North Cyprus since 1993.

Coffe hub built from construction waste

A paint so white it actually cools surfaces

Foodie website Epicurious to cease adding new recipes that include beef 

Timberland and parent company to create world’s first regenerative rubber supply system for footwear

Electric vehicles in Shetland are now being fuelled purely by the power of the sea 

IKEA team up with MUD jeans to offer recycled denim sofa covers 

Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

2 thoughts on “Newsletter – May week 2

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Elaine!
    Much appreciated. Sorry your week was a tough one. At least things are opening up…
    (Having said that, I find the crowds annoying now!)


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