Newsletter – April Week 3

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Gosh, what a busy two weeks. I’ve given 4 talks, attended 3 webinars, multiple meetings of the a Circular Economy Working Group I’m in and hosted a meet up of patrons of the website. Not to mention all the other stuff like; phonecalls, emails, podcasts, academic journals, website updates, gardening, housework, parenting and on and on and on. It also looks like the next couple of weeks will chocablock too, with more talks scheduled and a possible interview on national radio.

But fear not I’ll still manage to fit in my bi-weekly antedote to eco-anxiety, and here is this week’s.

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Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash

Free Irish online course about environmental law & climate change 

Since 2005, 32 countries with populations of over one million people have decoupled emissions from GDP, and

A map showing where emissions are falling

A federal court in Alaska has rejected approval for offshore oil and gas activities due to potential noise pollution that would cause harm to the critically endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales.

A useful database of a 1000 climate-crisis-busting solutions 

Over the past 6 years, 70 million hens have been raised cage-free in America, and Utah becomes the eighth state to ban battery cages

A device that promised to turn organic waste into compost in 48 hours

The bald eagle has quadrupled its population in the past decade with more than 300,000 birds soaring across American skies.

Clarke shoes launch glue-free shoe

A survey to help guide marine conservation in Ireland 

As of 2025 all washing machines sold in France will have to have a microfibre filter

Flower farmers looking to supply Irish flowers to Irish florists

Interesting interview with owner of Ecotricity and the vegan Green Forest Rangers Football club

Floating solar farms generate electricity and cool water underneath

A streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet

Irish company launches recycled aggregate for construction

Crowdfunded buyout of land leads to new nature park in Scotland

Homeless charity Novas is looking for donations of good quality furniture

ChangeNOW 2021, happening 27 – 29 May is a 3 day summit highlighting concrete, innovative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

List of slug resistant plants

UK company Wilko introduces in-store face mask recycling scheme 

Public consultation on Sustainable Product Initiative closes on June 9th 

One tenth of the world’s electricity now comes from solar and wind

Surfers Against Sewage is looking for the next generation of activists between the ages of 11 and 18 to come together at the Youth, Ocean and Climate Summit, on 8 June for World Oceans Day.

(Video) Coventry is trialling a scheme where you can swap your car in for public transport credits

(Podcast) The impact of football on climate change

Milk Vending Machine opens in Co Louth

Google to show most fuel-efficient routes on it’s Google Maps upgrade 

Irish company launches table decoration rental company

New initiative to get hairdressers to switch from foil to paper




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