Newsletter – March Week 3

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Wasn’t it lovely having a day off in the middle of the week? Do you think we could make it a regular thing? I certainly vote for it. It gave me extra time to catch up on all the piddling little tasks that I never seem to tick off the list. Not that the list is now clear.

I’ve decided to streamline the work I spend on Living Lightly in Ireland. I was trailing a different style of Instagram post in order to increase followers, but it’s painfully time-consuming and mind-numbingly dull. Plus it wasn’t having much of an impact. So I’m going to go back to posting what I enjoy, which is just shots of my the sustainable choices I make in my own life.

I’m also going to pull back on eco-news Facebook posts. The level of engagement is woefully low and it just doesn’t warrant the time involved. I’ll post a few but people will have to sign up to this weekly newsletter to get their fix of planet positive news.

I’ve been trying to get into Twitter too, but jezz I so hate it. I think I’m not following enough good accounts on it. Any suggestions on who I should follow? Nice positive account please! I’ve had my fill of the ‘world is going to end’ or ‘people are awful’ accounts.

Finally I’d like to engage someone to help with the searchability and Google rankings of the Living Lightly In Ireland. If you know of anyone who might be good at this, and reasonably priced, I’m all ears!

And so, on with the news!

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Photo by Natalia Luchanko on Unsplash

Excellent Irish podcast on sustainable food

Diverse populations of pollinators helps crop yields 

Swedish company Gotland Spirits makes vodka from food waste

UK company Ocean Fresh takes back flip flops for repeated recycling

Dutch government advises citizens not to use bamboo tableware 

Animal-free garden fertilisers 

Portable speaker made from recycled plastic and e-bike batteries

P&G launches refillable aluminium shampoo-bottle system in the UK

Compilation of vegan sauces

Great online Circular Economy Events week starting the 22nd March (next week)

Goodwings invests in forestry project to offset the carbon emissions of your booking with them

A very interesting review of the ethics of search engine Ecosia

UK will no longer use bee-killing pesticide

Wales tackling global deforestation with school dinners

The financial value of leaving land to nature

Empowering women listed as 2nd best way to tackle climate change by US environmental non-profit

The rise in eco-home developments

Hungary will close its last coal plant in 2025, halving the time of its original plan to reach 90% carbon neutral electricity generation by 2030.

The Canadian government has committed $2.75 billion to help public transit and school buses transition to electric power over the next five years.

Beyond Meats has signed an agreement with McDonald’s, the largest fast food company in the world, to develop a plant-based burger, as well as options for chicken, pork and egg.

Volvo announces that its entire car line-up will be fully electric by 2030.

Petaluma, California has become the first city in the United States to ban all new petrol stations in an effort to curb carbon emissions.

China has doubled the number of wild animals protected under its conservation rules

Have you heard of recycled denim insulation?

River restoration practitioners in America removed 69 dams across 23 states in 2020, reconnecting over a 1,000 km of river for fish and wildlife and revitalizing local economies.

The Italian marine reserve called Torre Guaceto achieves spectacular success in restoring degraded fish populations 

An interesting and unobtrusive coastal defence design 

Why is bitcoin so bad for the planet? 

Glowing sharks found near New Zealand

Saucony launches fossil-fuel free shoe 

An beautiful independent documentary on hump back whales

UK supermarket Morrisons to sell fruit, veg and meat completely supplied by net zero carbon British farms by 2030 

Circular start-up trying to shake up the washing machine sector 

How climate change is making us more susceptible to Covid-19

A more equal society would be easier to decarbonise

Dress made with algae sequins 

Russian design house specialises in goods from waste

Design studio Formafantasma redesigned it’s website to be low energy 

UK grown cashmere hopes to revise British wool industry

Retail Renewals interview with Dublin-based Zero Waste store owner Jess Dollinger

Mayonnaise helping to clear turtle systems after tar spill

New Zealand designer creates a solar-powered lighting fixture that desalinates water

Scottish-made hats knitted from wool from orphaned sheep on the island of Tiree

A device that converts human and animal waste into fertiliser in minutes 

IKEA release disassembly instructions for some of their products

Thanks for reading everyone. Catch you on Facebook or Instagram.

And remember no mowing of lawns till there are more flowers out for pollinators.


Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

4 thoughts on “Newsletter – March Week 3

  1. I’m the same – can’t get into the swing of posting on IG and don’t really enjoy any social media stuff (except for rare interactions with genuine/fun people). Going back to doing what you like sounds like the best plan! I need to periodically remind myself to do the same 🙂


    1. I think it’s good to shake things up every now and again, but there’s only so many hours in the day and when we’re doing something that doesn’t generate an income we have to be kinda ruthless with how much time we spend on it.


  2. I’m not great at the social media thing but tend to spend my time on twitter. I like to post more positive actions or tips instead of doom and gloom (@microvist1).

    Also I’ve spent a good amount of time optimising my own projects for Google rankings so feel free to drop me a message and I would be happy to share my experience and tips.


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