Newsletter – March Week 1

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Another hectic weeks. I’m up to my oxters in new business opportunities. What a wonderful complaint. Seems like humans are waking up along with the cherry blossom.

I’ve had enquiries about talks, podcasts, training and consultancy. Sustainability is hot, hot, hot at the moment and people are keen to learn more and do more. Music to my ears!

I have to admit to getting a bit despondent at times. I’m not a very patient person and it always surprises me just how long it takes some people to start changing, even when they agree that they need to.

It’s why I’d be bad such a bad psychologist. I love psychology and find the human mind fascinating, but I’d be all like ‘are you not fixed yet’ to my patients. Not a good fit.

I heard the most amazing podcast episode this week. It was on one of my favourite podcast shows, Hidden Brain, and was all about the spread of social change and is called the Snowball effect.

Interestingly research shows that influencers have very little, well, influence and that social change actually starts in peer groups and then spreads as groups overlap. So reading my website is great, and I thank you for it, but if you want to save the planet, and us, start telling friends and family about the sustainable choices you make.

Let’s get this snowball rolling.

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Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

TASC are looking for a project coordinator for the Climate Justice Centre

Seville to use fermented fruit to power it’s water plant

Survey finds circular economy businesses ‘outperform traditional competitors’ 

10 things to reduce your carbon footprint

The positive movie Kiss the Ground is now available on Netflix 

France introduces repairability index on smartphones, laptops, TVs, washing machines, and lawnmowers

UK government backs airport for flying electric cars in Coventry

Your complete guide to Nest Boxes

Great article with tips for buying less stuff

According to the NY Times and Washington Post, Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola have been lobbying the US government to dial back legislation to limit Uyghur forced labour.

Bangladesh has scrapped nine more coal plants.

Easy Vegan Recipes

25 Edible Wild Plants To Forage For In Early Spring

Australia’s third biggest bank, ANZ, has pulled out of funding the Port of Newcastle, the world’s largest thermal coal terminal.

Jaguar says it will stop selling internal combustion engines within the next five years

And Land Rover will offer electric version of its vehicles from 2024

And Ford will sell only EVs in the United Kingdom and Europe from 2030

Roman Abramovich has the highest carbon footprint of all the billionaires and despite having more money than Abramovich, Musk and Bezos have the second and third lowest of the 20 billionaires listed

5 is an impact media foundation giving free support to projects trying to create more sustainable future

The expert guide to making clothes last for ever

Best spots for scuba diving around Ireland 

The ozone layer is recovering faster than previously thought and scientists now say the ozone layer is now back on track to heal to pre-1980s levels within the next 50 years

Brothers start petition to rewild Wicklow

Lots of lovely kid-friendly info on bees by Ireland’s only bee sanctuary

In a 3 year study by English Heritage and Oxford University to determine the true effects of ivy growing on walls, the findings were that in winter ivy keeps walls 15% warmer than other parts of the building, and in summer walls were recorded to be 36% cooler. Ivy’s protective properties also preserves walls from frost, salt and pollution.

Planning a wildflower meadow 

Urban gardens produced an average of 85% of all the nectar

Denmark’s Braunstein Taphouse building is reusable and recyclable

The population of European bison has tripled in the last 17 years

A reusable tiny home 

Cow’s milk linked to an increase in breast cancer

The well know and well loved plant cotoneaster is a super-absorber of air pollution 

Damming finding on hedgerow removal on farms in Ireland

Australia’s Walker Swamp returns to wetlands after team of ecologists buy land and restore it

A quite conservation success story in Cameroon

DIY garden fertilisers

Rhino poaching in South Africa dropped by 33% last year, the sixth straight year of declines, and the lowest overall number since 2010

America has created its 63rd national park: New River Gorge

When to start your seedlings

A great database of circular business models

UK government invests £10 million for new ‘world-class’ green finance hubs

Luxury retailer Farfetch embeds repair into their service 

Are fashion trends going out of fashion? 

A sobering read about why coca cola’s 100% recyclable bottle isn’t all that 

H&M and Lee partner up to offer inclusive garments made from 100% recycled denim 

Aldi removes 2 million pieces of plastic from it’s Easter Egg Range

Ethical review of the Impossible Burger

Entrepreneur turns old make-up into watercolour paints

Phibsborough in Dublin and Ardara in Donegal are the first sign-ups to TASC’s pioneering new People’s Transition Project, a participative decision-making model that aims to make lives better, not harder in the move to a lower carbon society.

Irish farmer turning wool into pelleted fertiliser

How eating less meat saves more carbon than eating local

Great video explaining bio-plastics


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  1. Wow that’s a lot of information. I opened 11 of the links into tabs to read throughout the day (to start). Thanks for sharing. I like that you included a few about the impact of animal agriculture/veganism on the climate.

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