Newsletter – January Week 2

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I’m late with this week’s newsletter. Hard to remember what day it is at the moment. They all seem to blur into one and before I knew it, bam, Friday is here! Can I let you in on a secret? I’m happier in lockdown than I expected! I’ve always been an extrovert and love being around people but not being able to made me realise just how draining it can be, particularly with negative or drama-addicted people. Some of the loveliest people I know are constantly at loggerheads with someone or some institution, or ready to point out the failings of something in the world. It’s depressing, and ironic, seeing as I used to be that person!

I grew up with a very negative mindset. I inherited it from my family, who were always on guard for who was going to hurt you next – unless they got their first of course. That mindset didn’t serve me at all well going through life and resulted in a few bouts of depression in my 20s and 30s. Now I purposely cultivate a positive mindset. It’s one of the reasons I do these newsletter! It’s not that I shy away from problems or sadness but I limit it to things that I can directly influence. If I can’t affect the craziness that is now going on in the US with the orangemeister, or the shit-storm that is Brexit then I simply switch off. If I’m told keeping useless emails generates unnecessary green house gas emissions, then I embark on a clear out.  It’s all about my sphere of influence. Anything beyond that makes me feel impotent, useless and nihilistic. Humans have lived in small community far longer than this current global one, and I just don’t think our brains are capable of dealing with a world’s supply of the negative stories constantly.

To try and balance out all that negativity here are some positive sustainable stories. (It’s a short one this week as news outlets seem to be taking some well-deserved time off!)

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Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

Whales are returning to artic regions thanks to a halt to whaling

Top 10 Carbon Neutral Buildings of 2020

Ten stargazing events to watch in 2021

Free printable calendar

Lose a tonne in 2021, carbon that is

Join the waitlist for the world’s first Kelp burger 

Report from Princeton University maps how the US can get to net zero by 2050

Thinking of getting a cargo bike? You might like this documentary about cargo bike owners and the growing movement behind their use 

Scientists set a solar cell efficiency world record

Reindeer in the artic may be at risk due to the climate crisis, but in the Highlands of Scotland the UK’s only free-range herd of reindeer is thriving

How entrepreneurs in Africa are tackling the growing stream of e-waste 

Some more positive stories from 2020

Wonderful little short animation about the wonder of trees

Our own Irish Knepp. Dunsany is an Irish rewilding project in Co Meath!

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