Newsletter – October Week 5

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Happy Hallowe’en.

What a different Óiche Shamhna we’ll be having in Ireland this year. I know some families are planning to walk around the neighbourhood on the night and some neighbours are planning on leaving treats at their gate for kids to collect, but we’ve decided not to venture out at all. Instead, we’re having our own Hallowe’en party with home-made spooky treats, a (tame) ghoulish film and a candy hunt. We might even engage in some traditional apple bobbing if the fancy takes us. Whatever you end up doing, stay safe and enjoy.

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Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

From Jan 1st France will have lifetime ratings on some products

Meal hack! Make your risotto more planet positive by swapping out rice for barley!

Tesco in the UK introduces carton recycling points in store

Blackrock’s circular economy fund has raised $900m in its first year

What to do in your garden this Autumn

Recycled airport chairs emits 95 per cent less carbon than that of any comparable product

Pre-loved Cos clothing now available online 

The world’s first in-store recycling system cleans and shreds your old garments and knits new ones from the recycled fibres.

The country of Norway fund satellite map of the world’s tropical rainforests as a gift to the world

Take on the Tesco food waste challenge

UK supermarket Asda trial refill aisle

UK tree council releases guide for socially distanced tree planting

Every thought about cancelling Christmas?

Despite the impression you might get from mainstream and social media 89% of people believe in climate change

Easy peasy recipe for homemade Playdough (thanks to Sarah for suggestion)

Burger King to trial reusable packaging in US and Tokyo 

Recipe for Sweet Potato Crisps

Some great tips on extending the life of your devices given by Gareth Hurley at a recent CRNI event

Homemade pear liqueur, perfect Christmas present

Woodland Trust aims to plant 50 million trees by 2025 

Greenpeace creates another fabulous animation about deforestation

How researchers are using jellyfish to clean the ocean of microplastics (audio)

Uganda launches Wildlife Habitat & Corridor Restoration Project, to restore habitat for chimpanzees by adding 3 million trees to the Albertine Rift Forests.

Yummy recipe for green tomato chutney, which I made my self last weekend

US federal officials have issued new protections for Gulf of Mexico deep-sea coral hot spots, restricting damaging fishing gear in most of those areas.

How volunteers saved a seagrass forest off the coast of Virginia

Toxic chemicals in clothing! Another reason to buy second-hand or go organic if you can.

Unfortunately Asos circular collection, which I mentioned two weeks ago is greenwashing 

We’ve already had massive environmental wins, we just need to keep going

World’s largest cement producer, LafargeHolcim commits to reaching 100% carbon neutrality by 2050.

How clever, a smart rigid reusable mailing box

Government to fund feasibility study on use of wool, which being disposed by farmers

Hidden cameras and secret GPS trackers reveal that some products sent back to Amazon Canada are being liquidated by the truckload and even destroyed or sent to the landfill.

Some amazing entries for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 

Designer of the set of the popular TV show ‘Normal People’ embraces second-hand

Singapore has created the new 400 ha Sungei Buloh Park, home to oriental hornbills, otters, saltwater crocodiles, and many other species.

Levi launch second-hand US based website

Use the code PYJAMAPE5 to get 5% off organic pyjamas with French company Peaue Ethique


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Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

One thought on “Newsletter – October Week 5

  1. That’s interesting news about Tesco introducing carton recycling.
    The cartons vary (refrigerated versus room temp) in terms of composition but most are difficult to recycle.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Enjoy your Samhain!


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