Newsletter – October Week 3

positive environmental newsHello peeps. I’m going to be a bit quieter on social media over the next few months. I’m in the last semester of the Masters in Product Design for the Circular Economy and I’m going to have to focus on that until end of December. Fear not, I will still be publishing articles and updating the website. 

This week’s been one of ups and downs for me. The new Covid-19 restrictions in Dublin are starting to bite. I was just beginning to get over the impact of the full lockdown in March when we cafes closed again, and now no guests in your home. Honestly I’m finding it a huge struggle. Working from home means my interactions with people are limited at the best of time. When I do meet people it’s normally in a cafe or in my house. Yes there’s Zoom and Skype but really they only achieve so much. I’m finding it particularly difficult now that I’m in the design phase of my Masters. Normally when I’m at this stage I make a point of going out and about, absorbing sights and sounds and gathering inspiration. I’ve tried to pivot towards other stimuli over the past two weeks, but they’ve been poor substitutes. Ah well, could be worse.

Moan over, now onto some sunny sustainable stories ……

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A battery powered by the smell of vanilla!!! 

New York brand teaming activism with wine

Organisers of Tokyo Olympics collect 24.5 tonnes of plastic to create recyclable podiums 

Conservationists placed 3D-printed, GPS-enabled decoy eggs into turtle nests on beaches in Costa Rica to catch poachers. 

Make a cute trug planter from palette wood 

The number of people suffering from air pollution in London plunged by 94% over a 3-year period (prior to Covid-19).  

Vietnam has a new 22,132 ha tropical forest nature reserve called Dong Chau-Khe Nuoc Trong.

Why leaving decommissioned oil rigs can be good for biodiversity 

Devon farmers putting rewilding principles into action on his dairy farm

Study shows that watching Blue Planet doesn’t translate in reduction in single-use plastic for viewers despite increasing awareness of the issue 

Seattle company offers a composting service for bodies that returns a cubic yard of loamy, nutrient-rich soil to loved ones 30 days after the funeral.

Make your own edible tableware! 

Free webinar on rewilding the planet on 29th of October

Greyhound racing is dying out in the United States with 39 American dog tracks closing since 2001

US experiencing the fastest decline in coal capacity in American history NYT

Oslo set to have zero emissions by 2030 

By-product plum kernel oil to be used in cosmetics industry 

Listen to the sounds of forests from around the world 

New bill in California insists on minimum recycled content in plastic bottles 

Biodegradable plant pot made from waste 

UK Sustainable festival this November (online) 

Tips for freezing plant mylk 

Need a replacement part for your toy? Download a printable file from Toy Rescue

Asos releases it’s first circular collection 

Things to do in the garden this October 

France bans wild animals from travelling circuses, prevent marine parks from importing or breeding dolphins and killer whales, and end mink farming in the next five years. 

First electric speedboat is released

Make a beautiful herringbone table made from palette wood 

Cooperative milk – proof that if you give customers an affordable ethical option they’ll chose it

Recycling systems in Ireland breaks down after massive Covid-19 clear outs 


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Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

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