Newsletter – October Week 1

sustainable living on Ireland AM

What a busy 2 weeks it’s been since my last newsletter. Firstly I was lucky enough to get a brand new Philips Radio from a freecycle page, and then a pair of barely worn boots just as my 8 year-old M&S ones died and a perfect top by Cos for just €3.  Then I attended two inspiring webinars about the circular economy, which I’m studying in NCAD at the moment. On top of that a Zero Waste Blogger in Australia (The Rogue Ginger) with 27, 000 followers commented on one of my articles. Swoon!

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And then if that wasn’t enough I was invited to chat about sustainability on a morning breakfast show called Ireland AM. I am so grateful to fellow zero waster Timi of for giving them my name. Thanks also to followers on Facebook and Instagram for sharing their first sustainable steps with me the evening before the show. Finally, a huge shout out to my wonderful patrons and supporters who’ve been fabulous over the past few years. Thanks to you I’m able to continue to dedicate time to delivering clear, simple, eco living advice to as many as possible.

I am really happy with how the segment went on the show. Karen and Alan, who interviewed me, were absolutely lovely, and we chatted a bit after about sustainability.  I purposely wore all pre-loved on the show (except for watch and bracelet) with my pre-loved outfit coming to a grand total of €12, including my new Cos top, a pair of jeans I got free at a clothes swap, my new-to-me boots, a €1 metal cube necklace and a pair of handcrafted earrings that I picked up for the princely sum of €1 the previous week.

If you’d like to watch the segment you can do so on a laptop using this link – Climate Crisis on Ireland AM. Alternatively if you have the Virgin Media app you can watch it on their playback. And if it inspires you to tweet the show asking for a regular feature on sustainability I wouldn’t complain!

And now onto this week’s plant positive news ……..

Garnier pledges to plant 400,000 trees by November 2020

Upcycling challenge with top prize of €750 running until the end of October

Green salon collective launches in Ireland

Pottery Barn in the US teams up with The Renewal Company to clean and resell returned goods 

Natural ways to avoid Maskne (acne from masks)

Loreal Paris Elvive to come in recycled plastic bottles

Down and feathers in Uniglo garments to be reused for new clothing 

Some interesting global fashion figures

Austrian company leases out runners that you send back to the company at the end of their life

Walmart aiming to be carbon neutral by 2040, without offsetting

Evian launches bottle made of recycled plastic 

New Zealand to make big banks, insurers and firms disclose their climate risk

French company recycles disposable face masks

Sow yellow rattle seeds now for a thriving wildflower meadow

IKEA to open its first second-hand store in Sweden’s second-hand department store ReTuna

Pay per bag – A way to deal with your waste if you don’t have a bin collection service

Dublin based chef turns waste into ice-cream

An Post launch Green Loan for home improvements or electric car purchase, and on that note here’s a Review of electric cars

Pebble Future Fest – Online UK sustainable event happening this November

Sign this petition to pay garment workers for the clothes they made pre-Covid

Loggers work with environmentalists to save a spectacular Canadian rainforest 

China pledges to be carbon neutral by 2060

Travel websites ranked by their approach to exploitative animal attractions 

Massive tree-planting initiative on its way in Glasgow

Berlin city council opens its own second-hand department store 

Poland bans fur farming

Aldi launches concentrated cleaning solutions that customers can dilute at home, saving up to 4 plastic bottles

Vegan silk from Lotus flower stems!

BP predicts further decline of Fossil Fuels in its latest report

Plastic processing boat to be sent out to litter hotspots around the globe

74% of consumers willing to pay more for sustainable packaging 

In the first half of 2020, renewables (solar, wind, hydro and biomass) beat out all fossil fuels put together in Europe.

Air pollution in China falls to 1990 levels 

30 new species found in deep waters around the Galapagos 

How we can save global wildlife by 2050 

How local fishers and conservationists worked together to restore biodiversity and safeguard livelihoods in Italy

Conversion of natural areas to cropland and factory farming are most likely sources of next pandemic

Australia’s largest natural park declared free of feral cats and foxes and triggering the largest re-wilding project ever to be undertaken in New South Wales.

61% of food businesses working with eco-conscious suppliers

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I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

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