Newsletter – September Week 3

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Had a lovely surprise this week. The lovely Emma Gleeson mentioned me and Living Lightly in Ireland as part of her interview with Jenny Green on 2FM, one of Ireland’s nationwide radio stations. It took a bit of detective work for me to find out that Emma’s mention was the reason for a slew of new followers. Thanks so much Emma and so to return the favour I’m going to mention her forthcoming book about sustainable decluttering called Stuff Happens.

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Photo by Luke Thornton on Unsplash

Seems like so much is kicking off this month. I gave a talk to the staff of Deloitte last week and I’m doing one for the staff of Autodesk today. Pandemic or no pandemic, things are still happening, even if it’s only online.

To get you in the mood for your own eco-actions here’s some positive sustainable stories to fire you up.

Irish company Cully and Sully become a B Corp

Introducing the world’s first soluble and fully recyclable circuit board

Lovely list of low-waste and outdoor things to do this Autumn from Roscommon County Council

Bangladesh to review all but 3 of it’s planned coal power plants 

Coca-Cola to replace virgin plastic bottles with 100% recycled versions in the Netherlands and Norway in 2021

Dublin City Council unveil plans for a biodiversity / ecological centre in Liffey Vale

Australia bans export of unprocessed waste

Belize increased the size of its Sapodilla Cayes reserve to encompass the Cayman Crown, one of the best preserved reef ecosystems in the region, home to many endangered species of corals, as well as previously undocumented reef types.

Some common myths about sustainable clothing 

Could salt marshes protect against rising sea levels?

The Eco Activists reaching millions on Ticktock

Scientists have brought endangered turtle back from the brink of extinction

How one national park in Africa is rebounding by including local communities

Pillow cases and upholstery fabric from recycled jeans

Finish town offers rewards to citizens that cut their CO2 emissions

Adidas launch shoe made from biodegradable and recyclable materials

The biggest commercial rooftop greenhouse in the world just opened in Montreal

Seychelles has progressed from protecting 0.04% to 30% of its national waters, covering 410,000 km2 of ocean – an area larger than Germany.

In addition to running its brewery on wind power and gas made from malted barley, Brew Dog has now bought a forest to offset their carbon emissions 

Lego to trial paper bags in its boxes next year

A cycling friendly roundabout debuts in Cambridge in the UK 

Timberland aim to be 100% circular by 2030 and to only source natural materials from regenerative agriculture 

African country Gabon aim to remove oil from their GDP entirely by 2030, and replace it with sustainable alternatives

Till next week peeps


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I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

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