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I’m so late to meet up with some friends so no intro this week! Just straight into the meat of sustainable living news.

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Photo by Jordan Cormack on Unsplash

Initiatives like the Facebook group Jag flyger inte – för klimatets skull (I’m not flying – for the sake of the climate), the campaign to get Swedes to ditch air travel managed to lower the number of international flights at Swedish airports by 4% within a year

Their commitment to give up flying inspired hundreds of other Swedes. Spread through initiatives like the Facebook group Jag flyger inte – för klimatets skull (I’m not flying – for the sake of the climate), the campaign managed to lower the number of international flights at Swedish airports by 4% within a year.

Climate campaigners win case to force Irish State to act on climate change

Carbon neutral Sugar made from thin air

Forget solar panels, how about energy from shadows?

A doctors who’s given up soap! 

Diageo to launch Biodegradable / recyclable paper whiskey bottle 

Longchamp launch recycled nylon range

US firm make jeans made-to-order-and-fit using phone body scan technology 

Did you know there is shark in your sunscreen!

Mastercard moves towards more sustainable credit cards 

Oxford in the UK trials fully electric waste collection trucks

Farmer helping threatened corncrake

Private land and residences NOT exempt from ban on hedge cutting

Argos ends publication of ‘book of dreams’ catalogue after 48 years.

Birds that are bouncing back in the UK 

A boat powered by the waves

How sustainability is playing out on the streets of Latin America

Fully-charged: a website and youtube show for electric car enthusiasts!

Portugal ends coal burning two years ahead of schedule

Irish bag brand Sportshouse offers lifetime warranty

Brennans Bread packaging now recyclable and compostable

Learn to dye with food waste with this kit and online course 

Organic school uniforms

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Till next week


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I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

2 thoughts on “Newsletter – August Week 1

  1. I may not be able to read all the stories of your newsletter, Elaine, but I do get a chance to read at least one cool thing about sustainability that’s happening in the world.
    Love the newsletter, keep going 🙂


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