Sustainable Ethical Socks 2022

Sustainable Ethical Socks

The list below is edited selection of all the companies I’ve come across over the years and found while researching this article. I left out companies that don’t have Europe based retailers or etailers.

I’ve also omitted providers of bamboo fibre socks, except for one; Boody. You can read exactly why I don’t rate bamboo in my article on Sustainable Ethical Fabrics and Fibres

I’ve organise the listing under headings that most likely match most readers objectives; organic, recycled, and / or with a lifetime guarantee. If I’ve missed any out please let me know. This article is dedicated to Íde and her search for sustainable socks!

Nothing mentioned in this article has been sponsored. It’s all just my own personal opinion.

Local Yarn Socks

Kerry Woollen Mills (Ireland: 100% wool, using some Irish wool, undyed, made in Ireland, processed using eco-sensitive methods €€)

Organic Yarn Socks

Looky Socks (Ireland: % of organic cotton varies and is blended with elastane and/or polymide & 2% elastane, made in Europe, they offer a discount code when worn out socks are returned to them, €€)

Nah store (Ireland: Tie dyed, 87% of organic cotton blended with 12% elastane & 1% elastane, made in Europe)

Boody (Australia: 80% organic bamboo, OEKO-TEX certified, closed-loop manufacturing, made in China, available through health stores in Ireland, €)

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PS – If you want to find out where to buy other items check out my article Where to Buy

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