Sustainable Ethical Socks

Sustainable Ethical Socks

The list below is edited selection of all the companies I’ve come across over the years and found while researching this post. I left out companies that don’t have Europe based retailers or etailers.

I’ve also omitted providers of bamboo fibre socks, except for one; Boody. You can read exactly why I don’t rate bamboo in my post on Sustainable Ethical Fabrics and Fibres

I’ve organise the listing under headings that most likely match most readers objectives; organic, recycled, and / or with a lifetime guarantee. If I’ve missed any out please let me know. This post is dedicated to Íde and her search for sustainable socks!

Nothing mentioned in this post has been sponsored. It’s all just my own personal opinion. If you like your bloggers to remain independent then please share this post or support me with a small monthly donation via Patreon or with a once off donation via Paypal.


Boody (Australia: 80% organic bamboo, OEKO-TEX certified, closed-loop manufacturing, made in China, available through health stores in Ireland, €)

Jollie Socks (UK: 80-92% organic cotton, take-back service for end-of-life socks, one pair donated for every pair bought, made in Portugal, available through website or through UK social enterprise website Big Issue, €€€)

Unisock (UK: 90% organic cotton, made in a family-run factory in Portugal, available through website, €€)

Lucy & Yak (UK: 75% organic cotton, made in small factories in India paying fair wages, can buy in their store in Brighton, UK or directly from their website, € – €€)

Peau Ethique (France: 98% organic cotton, made in a SA8000 (fair conditions) factory in India, available through website, € – €€).

Organic Basics (Denmark –  80% GOTS organic cotton, vegan,  company uses recycled plastic mailers, made in Turkey, Available from website, € – €€)

A-dam (Holland – 84% GOTS organic cotton and recycled marine waste, Available from website, €€)

Nudie Jeans (Sweden – 75 – 90% organic cotton, made in Portugal, available from website, €€)

Living Crafts (Germany – 98% organic cotton, vegan, made using wind-powered factories with as few chemicals as possible, available to buy from website and UK etailer By Nature, €-€€.)

Conscious Step (America: 75% GOTS certified organic cotton, Fairtrade, Vegan, 1% planet member, one pair donated for every pair bought, made in India, available from UK websites Union Clothing and Trouva, €€€)


Dedoles (eco range) (Hungary: 80% Recycled Cotton, heavily involved in tree planting, made in Turkey, available through their Irish website €€)

Rockay (Denmark & USA:100% recycled content, some from marine waste, sports, lifetime guarantee, made in Europe, available through website, €€€)

Teko for Life (UK: 98% recycled polyester salvaged from marine waste, €€€€)

Arvin Goods (USA: 92% recycled cotton and polyester, made in China, available from UK websites Union Clothing, Working Class Hero’s and Parasol Store

Thunders Love (Spain: 90% recycled cotton, made in spain in family workshops, €€€€)

Healthy Seas (Holland: 70% GOTS organic cotton and 28% recycled nylon from marine waste, Fair Wear member, available from website and the Sock Shop, €€)

Lifetime Guarantee

Rockay (See above)

Darn Tough (USA: 45 – 65% wool, made in USA, available from Buy Me Once in UK, €€€€)

Thanks for Reading


PS – If you want to find out where to buy other items check out my post Where to Buy

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