Newsletter – July Week 4

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We’re just back from a lovely #staycation in Ireland, and as a result visited some lovely places that I know we’d never have seen had we taken our planned trip to Berlin this July. Just hope Ryanair/ Travel insurance company recognise our community-mindedness and reimburse us the cost of our flights.

We were lucky to have had good weather on our hols, particularly with so many indoor venues being shut. As we say in Ireland, it’d be a great little country if you could put a roof on it.

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We did struggle to keep our use of disposable down on this trip. We managed to avoid straws, disposable cutlery, hotel toiletries but failed to avoid condiment sachets in restaurants, plus finding places to refill our water bottles was tricky. Normally we’d ask staff in a cafe or hotel to fill them for us but I was conscious of staff not wanting to touch customers’ stuff. In the end I asked the bar manager in a hotel we were staying in to fill up some jugs, which I used to fill up our water bottles. When you think about this logically, this is crazy. Sure didn’t he end up touching a jug that I had touched. What’s the difference between him touching our water bottles and the jug?

This same illogical advice is being given to childcare facilities over using lunchboxes. Asking parents to send in single-use plastic bags / wrap instead of lunchboxes. Are they suggesting that plastic bags or cling film are more hygienic than washed lunchboxes? After all both are being handled by the parent before being put in the schoolbags? What’s next disposable schoolbags? Come on HSE lets think logically and not trash the planet as we stay safe from Covid-19.

On a more positive note here’s this week’s sustainable stories;

The Community Municipal Investment in the UK allows people to loan money to their local council to help fund green developments in their area, while earning themselves a return.

Fact: putting a price on carbon reduces emissions.

Portable cutlery made from recycled CD’s

Volkswagen now officially runs Europe’s biggest electric car plant

How a New Effort to Trace Emissions, Led by Al Gore, Could Reshape Climate Talks

Swimsuit made from McDonald’s plastic straws

Fixing increased carbon emissions from public transport due to social distancing

Planet positive school supplies

Recently more than 2 million people gathered in northern India to plant 250 million trees 

Reusable packaging system, Loop, comes to the UK!

Increase in spottings of endangered butterflies

How wolves in Yellostone Park in the US have helped stablise the eco-system 

Bitter courgettes are poisoning people!

Evian unveils labeless recycled plastic bottle 

Amazon India scraps single-use plastic in packaging across centers

Absolutely delicious vegan banana bread. I know from personal experience.

Pakistan announces 15 national parks

Is this the future of dye-free clothes?

Good post on how NOT to go Zero Waste

California has passed a landmark rule requiring all truck manufacturers to sell more electric trucks starting in 2024.

China to ban importation of solid waste from next year

Turn your old t-shirts into knickers with Mojo lingerie

These billboards can purify air

Green shoots emerge in Kenya’s clothing industry after the country bans imported second-hand clothing

Largest roof top farm opens in Paris 

UK announces £3 billion green investment programme

Ocean Voyages Institute sets new record by removing 103 tonnes of fishing nets and consumer plastics from the sea

First mass-market garment made from recycled fabric, although it’s not clear if this dress is in itself recyclable.

Scottish estate to be rewilded 

Shortlisted entries into Samsung competition to reuse cardboard package announced

Thanks for reading. Have a good week.


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5 thoughts on “Newsletter – July Week 4

  1. Hi, We just had a staycation too, camping in Clifden EcoBeach. It was great that single use plastic bottles were banned and there was free spring water for everyone to fill up! Disposible BBQs were also banned, which was great.

    If you are in a hotel, I am almost sure that the water from the bathrooms is drinking water, but you might need to check this.


    1. I love going somewhere with the same values as me. Just makes it so much easier. We have taken water from the hotel bathroom before but it never seems as ‘fresh’ as from a mains tap. Maybe we’re just being too fussy. I know we’d drink it over bottled water though.


  2. Some of the measures are just overreactions because of fear. I did read somewhere that it’s safer to use washed boxes/bottles than disposables, because you end up washing them with soap.


    1. I completely agree, but isn’t it interesting that people assume that disposables are safer than reusables. Who’s to know whether that disposable cup / plate/ cutlery etc is actually contaminated. You’re at no greater risk with reusables and like you said it’s probably safer due to them being washed with soap / detergent.

      Liked by 1 person

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