Newsletter – June Week 4

plastic free picnics

This week I had my first doctors appointment in about 5 years. It’s not that I haven’t been unwell in that time period, I just like to try and solve health issues with diet or lifestyle changes before trotting off to the GP. It drives my mother nuts. This week I felt so awful I capitulated, after which I felt a total failure for not being able to resolve my health issues myself.

Then I met a good friend for coffee and a chat and everything felt different. I felt lighter. I felt more positive. I felt more capable. I’m a complete extrovert and I think I’d underestimated the damaging effects of restrictions on my mental health. Sure there’s Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype etc but as time goes on these ‘tools’ fill me with despair. No longer do I see them as facilitating connections, more so a case of replacing it, which I find myself having a visceral reaction to.

I’m hoping that by investing in physical meet ups with people I feel genuinely connected to my mental health will improve, thereby improving quality of sleep, which will serve to reset bodily functions that have gone ary. Having had good health beyond my reach for a while now has made it all the more precious. I wonder will we all feel the same when our healthy eco system goes the same way.

And now for this week’s sustainable living stories;

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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Gap to sell this summers collection in 2021

Is this the beginning of the end of consumer culture. I hope so, sorry retailers. Prediction of 2500 retail stores to close in US in 2020.

Reframing farming where food will be the by-product of wildlife sensitive land management 

UK bank offering discount on interest rates for energy efficient renovations

Let’s not do this, air pollution reaches pre-covid levels in China

Furniture made from old tights! 

UK runs a full month without coal-generated electricity 

Want to make a cool bee hotel?

Funding for climate change activist groups available from Patagonia

Of 1000 people polled in Ireland 71% said they felt that climate change is very or extremely serious

Unilever sets out €1bn strategy to tackle climate change

Jakarta to ban single-use plastics from July 1st

VW just launches an electric conversion kit for the Beetle 


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