Newsletter – June Week 2

How to live more sustainably

Death by a thousand to-dos. Having finished this semester of college nearly a month ago I had visions of languid days knitting, baking, gardening and crafting. I think i got one! Before long the ever-present list of chores crept in and crowded out more enjoyable tasks. I was so annoyed at this development I wrote down all the tasks I have to do regularly. It was depressingly long. So I decided to reframe things. These aren’t tasks keeping me from living.  They are life and unless I embrace them as such I’m wishing away a lot of it. So now washing windows is a chance to work out those shoulders, watch the world go by and day dream. Sourcing materials for DIY is a chance to research, learn, make new connections and create something new. Sorting out my kids’ wardrobes and toy boxes is a chance to reminisce and chat about memories with my kids, and re-homing some items allow me to meet like-minded people in the second-hand sphere.

It also rained for the first time in 13 weeks in Dublin! My garden is sooooo grateful. Now onto this week’s positive news stories and resources.

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Tips for easy cycling

Pandora to switch exclusively to recycled gold and silver by 2025

Greece to ban single-use plastics

Fabulous initiative to allow people with a sewing machine to make masks for the must vulnerable in our communities

A very useful guide to wildflowers for kids 

Help garment workers avoid starvation by buying orders cancelled by clothing brands

Superdrug offering plastic-free tampons

Still using Google to search? Clean the ocean with your internet searches instead!

Fakeaway = Takeaway without the packaging. Here are some recipes

Europe’s largest online-only fashion promised to ditch unethical brands by 2023

Using coal mines to store renewable energy

Oatly and their announcement that they will switch to electric trucks in Sweden and cut 87% of emissions

How clever! A smart rental room in you apartment complex. Currently available in New York and Tel Aviv.

Did you know the Kerry coast is a breeding ground for sharks and stingrays?


Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

3 thoughts on “Newsletter – June Week 2

  1. Great perspective! I try to see things the same way.
    What do you think of the Lost Stock box for garment workers? I wasn’t aware of it – looking into it now with mixed initial feelings..


    1. Great minds, and all that. I think it’s an interesting way to help people who are victims of a dysfunctional system. If someone needs clothes it’s one way to help. Personally I’d prefer to donate the money directly to charities support more sustainable forms of making.


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