Newsletter – May Week 5

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We all had a wobble in the house this week. The lockdown cracks developed into full-on fissures. We’d had enough of keeping ourselves occupied with mealtimes and online entertainment. We wanted out. We’ve been going for regular family walks but seeing the same landmarks day in day out had become tiresome. We’re also sick of being parents 24/7. That may sounds strange. Of course we’re always parents but normally it takes a back seat when you’re in work, college, out with friends, at yoga etc, etc. At home in lockdown, parenting is inescapable and it’s exhausting. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t do it right!

Enough of the moaning. On a positive note I am getting to update the website, a long overdue task, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. The only thing I love more than information is sharing it! And I’m starting to spot more sustainable products in mainstream stores. Yippee! Here’s some other positive stories to get you all aglow this weekend.

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Amazing residents in Tuam. Well done for standing up to stupid Galway County Council over verge cutting during National Biodiversity Week

Great news! Dublin’s forests are to be converted from commercial to recreational native broad-leaved forests!!!!!!!!!

A stylish example of reuse with these converted shipping containers

L’Oréal unveils €100m biodiversity and circular economy plan

Profits from the sale of this recycled toilet roll are going to the NHS 

What’s wrong with the furniture sector? A lot! Did you know that one IKEA billy case is made every 3 seconds.

Frances’ office plant hospital 

A very comprehensive Instagram based guide to creating a veg garden

A great example of modern (visible) mending

Is an ethical farm run by a vegetarian the future of chicken farming?

Ethical alternatives to Amazon

A start-up is converting food waste into sustainable palm oil 

The first dairy ice-cream, made with no cows!

B&Q to stop selling the weedkiller Roundup!

22 time-saving gardening tips 

An interesting review of Ireland’s electricity usage since lockdown

Enjoy a safe and wonderful bank holiday weekend


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I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

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