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Those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook will recognise this photo. It’s creeping phlox called Candy Stripe that I bought on a birthday outing a few years ago. Every year it flowers at the same time of year reminding me of that lovely day out. Some of my favourite plants in my garden have been given to me by friends and relatives, and every time they bloom I’m reminded of the giver. I love the way plants have the capacity to bring back memories like that.

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I’m having a much better gardening year this year to last. Anyone following the website for a while will know all about my veg gardening woes last year and the year before. I think it’s primarily because the weather is not being kind to slugs. My tomato plants are playing a blinder, so much so I’ll probably have to re-home some. I’ve also discovered gorgeous new poppy in the ornamental garden (see Instagram account for a photo), which was a huge delight. On top of that I found evidence of bees staying in my bee hotel and my recently installed bird feeder is now feeding mummy and daddy blue tits who have a nest nearby.

And for the cherry on this week’s post here’s some positive sustainable news items!

It’s time for Apple and Google to stop releasing a new phone every year!

Some lovely low-waste activities to do with kids

Birds (and insects) need water in this dry weather. Here’s a guide to making your own bird bath 

If you find a swarm of bees, leave them bee and contact the Honey Bee Rescue Network

Best pollinator friendly plants for this time of year by a Flower Farmer!

Zero Waste wholesaler supplies grocery stores in France with package-free organic goods

After court ruling the Dutch government has announced sweeping environmental protection measures, including huge cuts to coal use, garden greening and limits on livestock herds as part of its plan to lower emissions to comply with a supreme court ruling.

Sweden launches its first wooden wind power tower

Lovely short video about a zero waste community garden with the fabulous Karen O’Donohue

France requires new public buildings to contain at least 50% wood

An uber efficient solar farm in the UK

Some tips on reducing our environmental impact and some people walking the walk 

The future isn’t not looking bright for plastic manufacturing


PS – This time in previous years I’ve posted about

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