Newsletter April 2020 Week 5

I am still ear-deep in college work at the moment so it completely slipped my mind to schedule this for publication this morning, but as this lockdown drags on brunch time is probably better than breakfast time for most.

It’s heartening to hear conversations about what might constitute a ‘new’ normal when we come out of movement restrictions. Inequalities and injustices are always more visible at time of crisis like this and if we can it makes sense to plan how to address them while the rat-race is on hold.

Personally my college work is requiring me to spend way too much time on screens. I’m also running on empty in terms of energy. I’m an extrovert and although it’s great to see people I know on Zoom and Skype I miss those chance conversations with acquaintances and strangers that pepper my daily life. This low-energy makes college work feel like wading through treacle. Mentally I’m done. I don’t think this semester’s submissions will be my finest work of all time but they’ll be the best I can do given the circumstances, and that will just have to be enough.

This week I’ve lots of lovely positive sustainable stories for your mull over. Enjoy.

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Some lovely ideas to generate social connectedness while staying physically distant

Great in-depth post on how toy libraries work

Some good ideas of things to do while at home

Man who rewilded 5,500 acres of Texas land (from 2017 but still joyus)

The impact of lockdown for one Zero Waster

Help save an endangered coral with a gaming app

Tips for Reuse during lockdown

Enterprise Ireland approved funding to help schools cut down on their plastic waste

A beautifully designed booklet on wildlife gardening 

Go on a virtual dive

European Regional Development Fund to launch a £10M Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub (SMIH) for Greater Manchester

How to make a mammal footprint tunnel

Milan hoping to avoid gridlock after lockdown

German company turns high-end hotel bed-sheets into classic shirts

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan is up for review. Suggestions are being sought.

Wardrobe bingo anyone?

Global Earth Challenge – Sign up for a global citizen science project to protect our planet

20 shade tolerant veg plants

Dublin in bloom under new wilding policy

How to make your garden drought proof

A lovely video about the building of an earthship in Australia

Clear out idle laptops and help children in need in Ireland. Charity Camara is teaming up with ESB to do a call out for kids at home without one.

Gorgeous photos of forest friends in Finland

I very rarely promote companies because I don’t want to encourage consumption but I’m making an exception for my favourite plant nursery, Caherhurley Nursery. The only organic plant nursery in Ireland and one that nearly closed last year. Now selling online for very reasonable prices! Get in line!










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