Newsletter April 2020 Week 3

Aquilega Columbine

Ah, lads. Didn’t I only go and forget about a newsletter, until now! I’ve had the head down in college work all week, working to a deadline of next Monday. Thankfully I think I’m on track to meet it.

You can really see the effect of the exclusive coronavirus coverage in the media; there’s bugger all else being reported. As someone who’s trying to provide corona-free news it makes for a very short newsletter.

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I do see signs that things are changing though. Social media stats are showing more visits to the website and Facebook page and I’m delighted to report I slipped over 2000 likes on the facebook page this week. Welcome to one and all there!

I also had a lovely distraction this week by way of an interview with the Irish Examiner newspaper. Article due to come out in May, but as with any media outlet you can never be sure what might push it back. Plague of locusts? famine? drought? (some dark humour there)

Another plus appears to be the mass interest in gardening, hence my photo of choice. If you’re trying to grow your own fruit and veg or start an ornamental garden here are links to posts I wrote on the topics. At the bottom of each post you’ll find a link to the all the other posts in the series.

And now, time for this weeks’ sustainable news:

WRAP launches £1.5m fund to support textiles waste-busting projects

Letterbox friendly wine bottle made from recycled plastic

A portable charger made from plastic waste and repurposed batteries

How to build a planter out of a pallet

50 ways to live more sustainably

Sign up to grow your own food and get free seeds!

Some ideas for a climate and biodiversity camp for kids

Support charities by buying their goods through Thriftify

Georgio Armani’s open letter to the fashion industry

Learn to identify common bird songs

Stay safe, stay home


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I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

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