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A Conversation about Food Waste

A coversation about food waste

A few months ago a good friend recording this conversation about food waste (40mins long) with Jess from my local zero waste grocery store The Good Neighbour in Dublin 14 and my good friend and fellow zero waster Kalpana Shanker.

We did if for two reasons, 1 as a test for a podcasting series and 2, as a podcast sample for the sound editor, and my friend, Glenn Kuafmann

Hope you enjoy our chat, and the news items below it.

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Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash


Reasons to go Zero Waste even if you don’t believe in climate change

The scientists’s review concludes that restoring the oceans by 2050 is a grand challenge that, with a global redoubling of conservation efforts, can be achieved:

The new H&M conscious collection

Reintroduced beavers having a positive impact on British ecosystems

Love this playground made out of old wind turbine parts in the Netherlands

A lovely movie about permaculture; a sustainable system taking it’s lead from the natural world

Koalas are being reintroduced into the wild in Australia

Patagonia and Surfdome trying to get rid of the single-use plastic bags all garments are shipped in

68% of new cars sold in Norway are Electric

Still a couple of days to get involved with the Great Birdwatch challenge, or simply use their beautiful guide to help you identify birds in your garden

How to attract hedgehogs into your garden

Dye your hair with food colouring  – hint it needs to be bleached or very pale to begin with

How to connect with nature, while staying at home


Stay safe, stay home


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