Newsletter April 2020 Week 1

Circle of stones on sandy beach

Groundhog Day! Again!

I heard a lovely phrase today, ‘I’m not stuck indoors, I’m safe indoors’. Thought it was a nice way of reframing what’s happening at the moment. You know all of this will pass eventually and when it does we’ll struggle to remember what this time felt like. Our minds do an excellent job of adjusting, and we will, quicker than we expect.

If you can, avoid rushing through this period. It’s (hopefully) a once in a lifetime experience. We can’t change things, so better to practice acceptance, practice letting go, practice being at peace. Staying indoors is our activism. Let your invisibility speak of your compassion for others; compassion for front line works, compassion for the vulnerable, compassion for friends and family.

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Photo is of some wonderful Stone Art by Dulce Aguilar

And now for some lovely positive stories of sustainability;

Heat from the London underground now heating 1,000 buildings

Left over alcohol being turned into hand sanitiser

Some DIY toys Ideas. Some easier than others

Tutorial on how to make a fabric facemask by the Rediscovery Centre, D9

If unlike me you’ve acres of time to fill here are some ideas on what to do when stuck indoors

Want to start growing veg. Here’s a guide by an Australian Zero Waste blogger

New York based company making vodka from water and Co2 extracted from the air, who have now switched production to making free hand sanitiser!

Another lovely guide to growing your own veg quickly

A very soothing video about the building of a 100-mile house

17 Great Gardening Hacks

People in Lithuania can now rent/buy solar energy from solar farms. Their electricity will still becoming from the grid but by doing this they’re supporting renewable energy sources.

Competition for European based Green Start ups – closing date June

Common household products that can destroy the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Stay safe, stay indoors


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I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

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