Second-hand Stores in Ireland 2022

Second-stores in Ireland

One of the simplest ways to be live more sustainably is to buy second-life goods instead of new. Not only does it save you money, it also reduce the amount of waste we generate it also saves resources that would go into making new items. A veritable win, win, win.

We all know that charity shops can be a great source of second-life goods but where else can you source them? Well look now further. This article lists sources for pre-loved of every imaginable description

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Clothing, Shoes, Accessories

Check out my article Where to buy Second-Life Clothes in Ireland for this info


Check out my article Second Hand Furniture & Home in Ireland for this info


Electrical Goods

CDs, Books, Games


Sports / Bikes

Horticultural Equipment


There are quite a few second-hand marketplaces online now including


Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

8 thoughts on “Second-hand Stores in Ireland 2022

  1. Hey Elaine, Love this latest one..As I’ve a memory of seeing it when it happened too..The psychology of it is interesting. Would you be interested to do like a lunchtime talk in the Abbey Group sometime on Refuse..Reduce..Reuse and supporting promote your blog, sustainable living and for people in tourism to link in and promote sustainable travel/tourism. Later in the week would normally work best like a Thursday/Friday even Wednesdays would probably be better than a Monday.. Anyway,let me know your thoughts..We can link up for that coffee /tea / hot chocolate hopefully if you may have a Monday in December suitable..In passing I spoke with Coffee Roasters café manager Laura in the last week, she’s trying hard to introduce sustainability but struggling to find the ways..with which mugs ..composting.. waste management.. packaging etc.

    We’ll all try and middle through together for this planet we are borrowing from those of future .

    Best wishes, L.

    On Fri 22 Nov 2019, 06:02 living lightly in ireland, wrote:

    > livinglightlyinireland posted: ” This blog post was born after I was > called ‘tight’ (Irish slang for mean with money) in a Freecycle group for > asking for something inexpensive. The rude commentator expressed amazement > at my request for an item that could be bought for €5 in a shop. ” >


    1. Hi Linda. Thanks for your lovely message. Would be delighted to do a talk. Will send you an email on it. Would it be worth putting Laura in touch with Sorcha from the conscious cup campaign. She’s a wealth of information on sustainable when it comes to cafes.



      1. Looking forward to receiving your email 😊 I dropped the Conscious Cup poster in to Laura . I’ve subsequently heard of IADT & Bounceback cafes doing €1 deposit returnable reusable coffee travel mugs.
        All the best,


  2. Sorry you had to go through that, Elaine.
    I’m determined to wear most of my clothes for as long as possible, so I occasionally have to deal with social slights, like a pointed glance at a hole in my sweater. I think a lot of us waver between feelings of shame and defiance when faced with judgement, but we should never feel shame for trying to help the planet!


  3. Such good points and thank you for the links to the furniture shops – as I could be looking for a new sofa in the next few years (my initial idea of making one from scrap wood is slowly dwindling here).
    its hard to get by the ‘just buy it’ mentality – I know I will often mention to colleagues they could rewild their garden (and mow a path thru) when when complain about having to mow lawn and considering purchasing a ride-on – it is viewed in horror, or when I suggest fixing things yourself – it is met with cant do it / dont have time etc (even when I suggest the repair cafe I volunteer at). The time thing is ironic to me as if we consumed less (ie shopping) there would be a lot more available time….
    Funny thing about ‘the new’, apparently in public schools in the UK it used be viewed as a ‘no-no’ for kids to show up in new brogues etc at beginning of term, as it was seen as ‘new money’, where as to turn up in resoled brogues and worn hand me down barbours was the ‘thing’


    1. Glad the links will come in useful.

      I think the resistance to change is all about the comfortableness of routine and fear of anything that seems abnormal. We’ll just have to repeatedly expose them persist to our abnormal ways to desensitise them.

      So true about the additional time. I always think it’s funny how people pay for a gym and then power tools or devices that reduce the physical demands on chores. If we all mowed our lawn with push mowers none of us would need a gym.

      Interesting about the new shoes thing. Is that currently the case or from years ago?


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