Sustainable Ethical Interiors – Bathrooms, Updated 2nd June 2020

If you’d like to listen to an audio version of this file click here (15 minutes long) So, I accidentally published this early. Then realising my error I took it down but seeing as of my subscribers have it in their email I thought it made sense to put it online again. I try to […]

How to Avoid Buying Stuff – Updated 1st March 2020

I’m famous! Well not quite. To be more accurate my black bin waste is. On Monday the 14th of Jan Claire Byrne Live, a current affairs programme on our national channel RTE, did a segment on waste reduction and my wee bag of black-bin waste was held up for all to see.  I also got […]

Sustainable Accommodation; The Americas – Updated 26th Dec 2019

The other day my husband and I were daydreaming about taking a year off and travelling. It’s the part of our pre-parenting life that we miss the most – that and finishing a hot meal, having undisturbed sleep and time to read! Our kids weren’t enamoured with the idea particularly when I explained that we may […]