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Organic Cotton Baby toys

I’m starting to hear about more and more eco businesses in Ireland, which is such a great development. I appreciate that the cornerstone of zero waste is shunning new purchases where possible but sometimes we need to replace those essentials and if we can buy from a company that is doing their bit to ensure we have a planet to live on.

I intend to compile a business directory with the companies that I feature under this heading, which will hopefully make the whole business of creating a beautiful sustainable ethical life all the easier. I may change the criteria for sustainable ethical businesses as I go as this is a work in progress but for the moment I’m focusing on companies based in Ireland, offering products that are either biodegradable, natural, organic, unpackaged, fairtrade, cruelty-free or a combination of these.

The first company to feature is, an exclusively online business owned and operated by Irish company Michael Guiney Ltd (a company involved in sourcing homewares & fashion products since 1971). Fairthreads was apparently founded after watching ‘True Cost’, a documentary that focuses on Fast fashion and consumerism and the impact that is having on developing countries and the environment. The company states that it partners with Fairtrade & other ethical producers to source products that have a transparent and fair supply chain. Their range of products include;

Clarysse Towels

– certified fairtrade cotton towels and certified GOTS (organic) and fairtrade cotton towels

Dibella Bed Linen

– certified GOTS (organic) and fairtrade cotton bedlinen and New Zealand wool blankets that are certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class I (free from harmful chemicals) and have been made without the practice of muesling (don’t google this word if you don’t know what it is, the images can be upsetting)

Organic Cotton Owl Hat

– certified fairtrade organic cotton clothing and accessories

Organic Cotton Crocheted Toys_cropped

– certified organic cotton crocheted toys for children

Fairtrade Football

– certified fairtrade footballs

They also stock some handcrafts, scarves and some organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies and they currently have their t-shirts on sale for €6 euro!



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