Organic Cotton and Natural Latex Mattress

organic latex mattress

It’s really not easy finding sustainable plastic-free products in Ireland. It’s still a niche market and I spend way more time than I’d like to admit hunting down ‘healthier’ alternatives to synthetic, chemical-laden mainstream offerings. One area that’s proven to be particularly tricky is the area of mattresses but after a huge amount of research I was delighted one made by an Irish company in Ireland from natural latex, lambswool with an organic cotton covering.

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The Natural Sleep Company are based in Limerick and have been making mattresses for over 30 years and supplies both to shops and hotels. They do a range of mattresses but it was their Nature’s Touch and Nature’s Latex mattresses that I was most interested in. The Nature’s Touch model is pocket sprung, which is the most durable form of spring construction for mattresses, with internal layers of lambswool and natural latex*, and a covering of organic cotton. Unfortunately this model isn’t entirely natural as synthetic foam is used to support sides but their Natural Latex doesn’t include any synthetic components. It is composed of a 7″ deep block of natural latex covered with an organic cotton layer. I emailed the company to ask if the organic cotton they used was certified and unfortunately they confirmed that it wasn’t.

The mattresses from the Natural Sleep company aren’t cheap but anything that’s good quality isn’t and personally I think if you’re going to invest in something it’s worth investing in something you’re going to spend up to a third of your day on. I think their prices are quite reasonable personally, especially compared to other top quality mattresses, for example the king size Nature’s Touch mattress retails at approximately €1699.

Their website includes a list of retailers around Ireland I want to give a shout out to Dolphin Furniture in Ballyfermot, D10, who we bought our mattresses from. Not only were their mattresses very well priced, they provide free delivery and took away and recycled our old mattresses for free. I’d highly recommend them and in case you’re wondering, this article isn’t sponsored by the Natural Sleep Company or Dolphin Furniture. I don’t think I’d ever be comfortable doing paid reviews. I just don’t believe it’s possible to stay objective if you’re getting paid either in cash or gifts.


*Latex is produced from tree sap and therefore should be compostable or at least biodegradable, but I would imagine that the latex has been treated with some chemicals so I’m not sure I’d want to put it on my own compost heap. I contacted Eco Mattress recycling and unfortunately they informed me that natural latex is processed the same as synthetic latex, which is incinerated by cement industry instead of oil  🙁



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