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My Sanity Saviour; Knitting and my Knitwit Friends

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I can’t believe I’ve been writing this website for over a year without mentioning what has become a cornerstone of my life. I joined my first knitting group about 4 years ago during the winter months. Seemed like a good way to keep these gardening fingers busy while the garden was snoozing. Little did I know how much I’d benefit from the therapeutic click-clacking of needles in the warm and supportive bosom of fellow knitters.

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Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like drama, although god knows it seems to follow me wherever I go, so believe me when I say that the last 4 years of my life have been the worst I have ever had. My family has been hit by 3 devastating experiences during this time, each worse than the last and each changing our sense of ‘normal’ forever. We now talk about life pre- and post-disaster, like we’re in some apocalyptic screen play that has permanent billing.

There have been rainbows after the storms though, and I feel very lucky to have two amazingly supportive knitting groups to lean on. That’s not to say my non-knitting friends haven’t been equally great, I’ve just found the regularity and ‘loose connectedness’ of my knitting groups to be particularly comforting when everything else seems at sea.  We meet weekly and vent, confide, advise, support and most importantly laugh, or we just sit and knit, in silence. I love the way knitting removes all the pressure to talk. It fills the pauses in conversations that most Irish people struggle with.

Most of my knitwit friends are older than me and if I’m honest I absolutely adore being one of the youngest in the group. It’s not often I can accommodate such a position so I relish it when I can. I’ve always been a ‘sensible’ person, a rule-follower if you will and there is something very liberating about employing the role of a ditzy youngster! It’s only taken me 43 years to be afforded the opportunity to do so.

Did I mention how intelligent my knitwit friends are? No? How remiss of me! I’m not one for idle chit-chat and have often struggled in groups for this reason. Our knitting conversations range from light-hearted chats about weather and holidays to contemplations on how to end homelessness in Ireland.  Maybe my knitting groups are uniquely amazing, or maybe the rhythmic crafting of natural materials in this centuries-old manner is fated to heal the human spirit. If you’re interested in finding out for yourself here’s my top tips for getting started;

Happy knitting my friends


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