Summer Activities with Kids – 2017

painted cactus rock garden

I’m not the type of parent that feels the need to fill every hour of my kids’ days with entertainment. I think boredom is a great encourager of creativity and I feel that my kids are more than capable of being responsible for their own entertainment. That said it’s nice to have a few crafts / activities up your sleeve for those whiny days that all parents get, and as always I am focusing on compostable / recyclable materials wherever possible.

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I’ve shared painted rock activities on this website before but I couldn’t resist this particular example. Who on earth could resist these uber cute painted rock cactus gardens. You can find an excellent tutorial on the blog Salt and Pepper mums.

3D paper house

Krokotak is a fantastic resource for kids crafts. I love it because a lot of the crafts are paper based and so compostable / recyclable too. I adore this 3D paper house that they have instructions for on their website.

paper plate sun visors

Krokotak also have a tutorial on making paper plate sun visors, should we be blessed with blistering sun again this year!

shrink charms

I am in two minds as to whether to include this shrink charm craft from Cleverly. Firstly it uses plastic and secondly i’m not sure if melting plastic gives off fumes in your oven. So i’m sharing this with the suggestion to use a plastic container you already have, i.e. don’t buy one specifically, and secondly have the kitchen well-ventilated if you make this.

And if you want to be full-on Zero Waste. How about trying to make your own glue. This is my to-do list for this summer. The link here is for 11 recipes, which i’ll aim to try over the next few weeks and report back on.

Another great resource for kids activities is the Science Experiments section of the Australian website Kidspot.


Ps – For more ideas check out my article Summer Activities with Kids from 2016

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