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Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste

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Food waste is something all of us face on a daily basis. Hectic schedules can make it hard to avoid but it’s so worth the effort, as it can save you approximately €700 a year. In this article I give you simple, easy, zero-cost solutions to help you slash that brown bin bill!

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When we put spoiled food in the bin we don’t just waste the food and our money.

We waste all of the energy, water and resources that went into planting, growing, harvesting, processing, packing and transporting that food.

Each of these steps emits greenhouse gases, contributing to our climate crisis, which is fine if we’re eating it but sinful if we’re not.

Food waste doesn’t just affect our carbon footprint, it also impacts biodiversity. A recent study in the US estimate that there would be a 17% increase in biodiversity if food waste was halved.

Startling Facts about Food Waste

Here are some really interesting stats on food waste to help you get a handle on the scale of the issue

Easy Tips for Reducing Food Waste

On a more practical level here are some things we’ve done as a family to reduce our food waste at home;

For more tips on how to reduce food waste visit the government website Stop Food Waste


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