Hats for the Homeless

hats for homeless donation 2017

This is a selection of the hats, scarves, sock and gloves donated by friends of mine for those sleeping rough in Dublin. Every year I invite my fellow knitters to join me in knitting something for some of those in the unfortunate position of not having a permanent home in Dublin.

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skull cap

Due to a family crisis I didn’t get a chance to knit as much as I hoped this year, so my contribution is this little skull-cap with button detail that I crocheted from some acrylic that a friend donated to me. It’s a super simple crochet hat pattern, although I did have to adjust the number of rows to make it fit. The pattern is free and if you’re used to crocheting you could do it in a couple of hours.

hats for homeless handover

This is me handing in last year’s donation to the homeless charity in Dublin Peter McVerry. I label each item with the name of the knitter because having something to keep you warm is one thing but knowing that it was handmade by a person that cares about you is another.

The whole scheme was born out of idea to match waste with need. Most knitters have a stash of wool that they want to use up. I can think of no better use that as an item handmade with compassion for vulnerable people who need all the support we can give.

If you want to contribute next year post a comment and I’ll get in touch.


Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy

10 thoughts on “Hats for the Homeless

      1. Brilliant. That’s exactly the reason i started doing this. Just drop me a line when you’ve a stash ready to collect. I’ll send you an email now so you have my contact details.


  1. Such a good idea! I have a lot of wool to use up. I just joined the Ireland facebook knitting group you mentioned^^^ 🙂


    1. You still looking for knitters. I have a few clients who would be keen to knit especially given the current climate and time on their hands. It’s a form of therapy for them. Please let me know. Thanks. Louise


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