My Last Minute Christmas Crafts

DIY bauble wreath

I’m chuffed to bits with my homemade bauble wreath. I’ve coveted one since I saw them in a shop a few years ago but couldn’t justify putting more plastic into the world. So I set about scouring charity shops for plastic baubles and this year I managed to collect enough. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough for me and the great thing about the way it’s made is that you can continue tweaking it until you’re satisfied with how it looks. I followed the instructions given in this tutorial on how to make a bauble wreath and all I used were plastic baubles, one wire coat hanger, a pliers and some ribbon.

recycled christmas cards

Another really simple, inexpensive Christmas craft is recycled cards. Every year my kids school raises funds by selling Christmas cards with the children’s’ artwork on them to parents. These cards go to friends and family but we often need an additional one or two cards which I’m happy to make using sections of the nicest cards we received over previous years. Not only does this gives cards a second life it saves on packaging waste as most cards are wrapped in cellophane, which is not recyclable. I’ve just finished this one for my next door neighbours. Better get it over soon!


Our last craft this year was to make these fabulous Christmas Crackers. As you can see from the price on the kit that we used I scored a bargain on these! The kit doesn’t come with any gifts for inside the crackers but I’ve been saving these from the bin over the past few years and so have plenty to choose from. Me being me, I bought i few of these kits when they were on sale but when they run out I’m going to use this Christmas Cracker Template to make my own from scratch.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, full of joy and love and all of the things that really count!


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I am a reformed interior architect that now campaign for and write about sustainable living in Ireland.

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