Scrumptious Hallowe’en Treats

I know Hallowe’en was originally a Celtic ‘New Years’ celebration and believed to be a time when departed souls would return to their home and were visible, but for most kids now it’s about two things; costumes and treats! Every year I like to have a Hallowe’en party for my kids and their friends, here are some of the favourite recipes I’ve gathered over the year.

Get the recipe for Meringue Ghost Tartlets

Get the recipe for  Chocolate Cheesecake with Spooky Pears

Get recipe for Hallowe’en Marshmallow Pops

Get recipe for Marshmallow Skull Cupcakes

Get recipe for Spooky Witches Fingers

To make these Hot Dog Mummies simple wrap strips of short crust or puff pastry around hot dogs and bake at 180 degrees for 15 – 20 minutes. Once cool, just dot mustard on the hotdogs to make eyes.

Fany meatballs instead of hot dogs? Then just wrap some tagliatelle around some meatballs and dot with mustard and voila meatball mummies.

To make this haunted pizza use a ghost cookie cutter to make ghost shapes out of slices of a firm cheese and place on the pizza about 1 minute before it’s finished cooking – any longer and it’ll become an indistinguishable blob. Use small pieces of olives to make eyes for the ghost when the pizza is cooked.


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