Beautiful Recycled Interior Ideas

Love headboard

I’m not a huge fan of pallet furniture or items made from tyres, which seems to dominate the world of recycled furniture on the internet, but now and again I come across some beautiful conversions that really add character and joy to the interior they’re created for. One perfect exactly of this is the headboard above from House Tweaking. It’s such a simple yet impactful idea and demonstrates great design confidence on behalf of the creator.

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Door Frame Coat Rack

I’m sure you’ve seen this idea all over the internet on various aggregate website and blogs. It’s such a unique way of personalising an interior and it’s a great example of recycling! Well done to Photo G Mommie for the original blog post.

vintage door shelves

Another door becomes an attractive shelving unit. Sometimes reusing items for other purposes looks ingenious but not beautiful, thankfully the patina on this door makes the finished item as attractive as it is clever.

Wine Crate Shelves

Crate furniture seems to be all the rage at the moment and there are good and bad examples online. I really like this stylish shelving arrangement by Paint & Tofu. She has a very good idea for balance and did an excellent job of combining crates of different sizes and materials into a pleasant composition.

crate coffee table

Another crate idea that I’ve seen multiple version of is the crate coffee table. There is a danger of repurposed items looking more like rubbish than chic homeware and to be honest some crate coffee tables I’ve seen online are a bit too rustic for my liking but this one from Remove & Replace is a good balance between authenticity and style.


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